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Rob Prince
Rob Prince
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Rob Prince singer song writer London UK acoustic guitar blues emotive indie experiences observations open mike camden kentish town alternative experimental ho
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Rob Prince is a singer song writer from London, UK. Robs music is a mixture of acoustic guitar, blues, and emotive indie, written from experiences and observations. Check out and
Band/artist history
Rob grew up in Colchester, Essex where he spent most of his life. Rob was very interested in all types of music from a young age and taught himself to play guitar. At 6th form college Rob started to experiement with song writing himself and by the time he went to Sussex University in 2000 he had recorded a short tape. While at university he started playing open mike nights on his own and with friends. After going to Sussex Uni Rob moved on to get a job and his music writing was stalled for a bit. In 2004 he moved to South London and lived there for a year. During this year he devoted more time to playing the guitar and to writing songs. Once he had got a good number of songs together he recorded a demo at Audio Sourcery Recording Studios. Now he'd got a feel for how tracks are produced he decided to buy himself equipment to produce some demos at home. After less than a year Rob had written, produced, and recorded several songs. Then in September 2005 Rob moved to Camden and decided that it was about time to start playing live. Rob has played several open mike nights in and around Camden and plans to keep on playing.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playing gigs and Open Mike nights around Kentish Town and Camden in London, UK
Your musical influences
Badly drawn boy, Placebo, Oasis, Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Blur,
What equipment do you use?
Yahama AX-50, GarageBand to record stuff at home.
Anything else?
Please feel free to send me any feedback about any songs. I'm open to any comments, proposals or ideas. Thanks!
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