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8 line poem
8 line poem
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rock indie alternative original
"The 8 Line Poem were born when Tim ( k swiss sporting drum machine duelling ) Welch, met guitarist, part time rude boy impersonator and full time antagonist of Tim, Adam Carter in the wee red ( soon to be granted a similar legendary status as the cavern club ). After a long search, and countless letters from Flea politely declining the invite to join the band, Tim and Adam found Ross Howie ( bassist extrodinair and king of spiders.. dont ask no one really knows... ). The subsequent months were spent in a small room somewhere in the dark depths of the ECA, songs were written, 8Line studios were born and ross broke someone elses bass amp ( oops ). Finally they emerged from that small room into the light, armed with guitars and drum sticks and an arsenal of songs for the world.................................................." for more songs and pictures go to www.myspace.com/theeightlinepoem or come to a gig and theif a cd
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
red hot chili peppers david bowie the police arctic monkeys we are scientists interpol the kinks kings of leon steely dan dylan drake buckley stones etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
What equipment do you use?
guitars drums and the like