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Find my way home - Sandra & Another touch of Blue
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Back on my Own - Sandra & Another touch of Blue
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Let them do the Talking - Another touch of Blue
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The last Train (Lasse, Finn, Rolf)
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Palmsunday - Circle of Life (2018)
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The Tallow Candle (based on HC Andersen's tale
I've been writing and playing music for 30 years now and as the technology became better and cheaper I have practiced the difficult task to produce as well. I try to sing, play guitar, bass, keyboard, bluesharp and sometimes a little bit of drums as well, but what I really like is to work with other people on my tunes as well as others and I am honored to list the names of all the great guys and girls who I have collaborated with during the last two years here on Soundclick.: Vocals/Backing Vocals: Sandra, Holger, Gry, Anne, Kevin Rosenberger, Christina Woods, Lekzee, Jude Law, Christian Jensen, Daniel Svensson, Svenni Bjorgvin, Jenny Liptrot, Claus A., Knud-Erik Jensen, Mariija, Dale Kaul, Rise Larsen, S'mus, Marie Frifelt, Rikke Steffensen. Drums.: Ole, Mads, Frej, me and Mr. EZ Guitarsolos.: Finn Frost, Paul Barny, Michael Duran, Steve Belong, Morten Gjermundsen, Eldin, Paul Oakley, Bruce "The Swampman", Carlos Caranza, Mike Marshall, Dale Kaul, Knud-Erik Jensen, Peter Kossek. Guitar synth.: Michael Duran, Paul Barnes. Synth.: Bobby Mack, Jacob Bank. Bass.: Barry Kettery, Rowel. Flute.: Carlo D'Ana, Dale Kaul Violin.: Andre Henriquez Melodica: Rolf Hansen Songwriter/Producer.: Svenni Bjorgvin, Lyrics.: Lekzee, Jude Law, Joyce Davis, Christian Jensen, Claus A, Rise Larsen, Marie Frifelt, Holger, S'mus, Rikke Steffensen. Visit these great artists on their page. You won't be dissapointed.
Band/artist history
As I like arranging and producing, I can't really say that we are an actual band, but I can divide the songs into some projects: "A touch of Blue".: The biggest project - or at least the one with most songs so far. It features Sandra on lead vocal, Finn Frost on lead and fill guitar, Anne Hansen and Knud-Erik Jensen on backing vocal and I play keys, bass, rhytmguitar and programs the drums. "Progressive Suite".: A numbers of songs written by some musical friends as well as myself. So far Sandra and Holger has been represented on vocals. "Circle of Life".: The project with most collaborators. A symphonic/progressive collection of songs that all tell the story about the events on the holidays. "Letters from Ekaterina". A collection of songs I've made with Ekaterina Jude Law. "Doggy Day Care" - that's where all my instrumental songs ends up. The rest of the songs are one big mess of different songs in many genres, I just felt I wanted to do - and offcourse there is the christmas family project I do with my two nieces and family every year.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
no live playing - except from the accoustic guitar in the summertime - and a few times to a dinnerparty.
Your musical influences
TOTO is propably my biggest inspiration, but I pick up inspiration from many different genres.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars: Fender Stratocaster (Mex), Dreambow (a great chinese LesPaul copy), Vintage LRS100 arctic white, Yamaki western acoustic with LR Baggs pickups. Basses.: Warwick 5 strings Rockbass, Yamaha RBX250X Freetless with new Seymour Duncan pickups. Keyboard: Kurzweil SP2X 88 hammeraction Mics: Soundking condensator mic for vocaltracking, sure BETA87A and T-Bone SC140 for acoustic guitar. Monitors & Earphones: ESI 05, and my favourite DT990 Beyerdynamic earphones. Soundcard: Steinberg UR28M, AVID Eleven Rack for guitar recordings after may 2012. Audio Software used: Steinberg Cubase, Studio One
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