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The Main Underground Stream
The Main Underground Stream
45 Tracks
L-Stick, Mic Dogg, ZonQ, Dargine, BMC, T.e.N., The Main Underground Stream, Kostas, The M.U.S., HipHop, Rap, Beats, Hardcore, Stremski MD, weed, smoke, drugs, g
The Main Underground Stream Inc. is a label that consists of: Dargine ZonQ L-Stick Mic Dogg Whyte Dimas Dee Kas Kostas Stremski M.D. Benjamin Beats Blak Civil Steve Primal As groups that is: T.e.N. (Mic Dogg and L-Stick) BMC (Whyte, Kas and Dimas Dee) And some connections and "street soldiers" all over the world!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah some of us played live.
Your musical influences
Dark corners, the streets and rainy days. Basicly just life and everything that comes with it as far as our lifes go...
What equipment do you use?
L-Stick: Computer, soon: live guitar Mic Dogg: Computer ZonQ: Computer and a Mouse
Anything else?
Be on the look out for the mixtape "The M.U.S. Presents... World-Wide Connection, Vol. 1" The Main Underground Stream is here! And our mixtape "Underground Radio vol. 1" is out now: The Main Underground Stream Inc. - "Underground Radio vol. 1" 1. T.e.N. ft. BMC - Hip Hop (Prod. by Mic Dogg & L-Stick) 2. Al Gator - The Boss Of Atlanta (Prod. by J.u.s.t.I.c.e. League) 3. Riggs - The Code (Prod. by Ill Pill Productions) 4. BMC - The Time (Prod. by Sam) 5. T.e.N. - Dreamz (Prod. by Mic Dogg) 6. T.e.N. ft. Whyte & Kostas - Hoes (Prod. by Mic Dogg & L-Stick) 7. BMC - In Da Zone (Prod. by ZonQ) 8. Al Gator - Where I'm From (Atlanta) freestyle 9. BMC ft. Mic Dogg - A Day Of Lonelyness 10. Mobb Squad - We Ain't Askin' 11. Steady Tek-Nick ft. Throwback & 2Face - Myspace Groupies 12. Mic Dogg ft. BMC - Magick Stick 13. Motherfucker (Weed Break) (Prod. by Stremski M.D.) 14. BMC ft. Turtle - How High (Prod. by Mic Dogg) 15. T.e.N. - Lines In A Game 16. Al Gator - So Clean (Prod. by Focus) 17. BMC ft. Kostas & L-Stick - Underground 18. Mobb Squad - Breakin' Bread 19. 5th Element - Scratch If it Itches (Prod. by Benjamin Beats) 20. T.e.N. - 99 Percents (Prod. by Mic Dogg & L-Stick) Download link: http://www.zshare.net/download/underground-radio-vol-1-rar.html Make sure you get it, and make sure everybody you know get it, and everybody they know too and so on..
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