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Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle
Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle
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hillbilly blues squack rock indie alternative 2-step hop guitar classical dance music
Well Hello, Yet another file internet screen page thing with downloads and all the things that come with it like time sat down and ears listening and all that jazz. This is Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle I do hope that you enjoy what you find on this page as it is full of wonder and actual amazement. How is the Screen made??!
Band/artist history
About maybemyrtletyrtle Since Homo erectus music has been created for enjoyment. The Big Bang, of course, being the first bass drum and our Glorious Sun the original high C. Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle formed under a crash of thunder at a party in Fenham, Newcastle some time around March 2004. Robbie Humphries and Roger James, a formidable partnership of music visionaries, recruited a young Joe The Touch Truswell on drums to form a band alongside established Bass Supremo Medium Nick the Greek. The band found an instant chemistry, a shared love for pressure free jamming and holding hands in the studio! Robbie was already a popular one man show due to his energetic and endearing stage presence. He had several classic songs already written and waiting for a work over from the new band. Although rough round the edges the easy going, red wine mentality of the band and their thirst for fun ensured that from these humble beginnings a legend would be born! Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle played their first gig in The Fish Tank above a notable Chip Shop in Durham in November 2004. It was a joyous occasion, the headline act for the night were a group of leather clad guitar banging rockers who listened attentively as Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle wowed the crowd with their new found sound. There was dancing and singing the enthralled audience were singing the words to This Ole Train through the second chorus, the signs were good and the stars better. Being paid a stonking ten pounds meant the band and their entourage could grab several bottles of wine from the bar before being let loose on the streets of Durham. Great Whoops of laughter echoed down the narrow cobbles as the motley crew stomped to the beat of cowboy boots and the songs of raucous harmonica. The laughing never stopped in fact when party finally reached the grounds of the gigantic gothic cathedral light refreshment had to be taken. It was cold and a little drizzle fell, but this didnt deter them, a short break and back through the town. More Stomping, More Singing, More Adventure, More Joy and More Laughter. By the side of an ancient statue speakers had been set up for boys wooing glazed eyed girls with archetypal acoustic arse. Like a swarm of Locusts The Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle experience swallowed them up and spat them out bewildered searching again for what they once thought they new about smooth love songs. They are still looking now. A harmonicoff between a gas masked man and one with a hat was all left to be completed before boarding a train and drifting through the night back north. That night dreams were of the blue Galapagos Isles. Sadly due to other commitments (and an eternal love of Hard Rock) Nick was sometimes unavailable for Gigs and a fresh faced rookie David De La Hey, a young bass player from the (inbred) Isle of JerseyL, began to stand in for Nick. Dave was lucky enough to be blessed with a series of Bass Guitar lessons from talented drummer Joe. This rapidly developed him into one of the best Bassists in the world for which he is eternally grateful to Joe! Joe, sadly and mysteriously lost all ability on the bass guitar just as Dave was gaining his. Joe is eternally bitter that Dave stole his talent from him and wants it back. This raging feud is sometimes observed in the hostility, which is clearly visible on-stage. Moody Central is not a station to hang around on at moody oclock in moody town, in the MOO-S of A! For a short period Piano Maestro Niko the Frenchman rocked out with MMT on a variety of keyed instruments to flesh out the bones of the Skank with some synthesised meat. Sadly the meat soon went rotten and Niko was sent back to France! He was quickly replaced with the dulcet tones of the lean, tender Saxophone of Mr Elliott Rush. Elliott, being a musician, initially didnt fit in with the band and was bullied. Hes tough as old boots though and, despite a constant barrage of abuse since he joined, has never wavered and never faltered from his mission to change all the Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle songs into 12 minute Sax solos! Good luck Elliott Were all behind you (pulling faces!). HAHAHAHA Mysterious Hal an Ozzie/Danish cross with strikingly scary attitude to his Violins longevity is the most recent addition to the band. He is very very very very very very SEXY! He is soooo sexy the rest of the band initially had problems concentrating whilst on stage with him. He now plays from inside a 3 square foot concrete shell - The Sexy Bitch Grrrrrrr! Overall, as a band we have now played large numbers of gigs and have travelled as far and wide across the British Isles. Although we are still based in Newcastle, we are always looking to expand our horizons and welcome any offers of gigs, or preferably free money into our bulging e-mail account treesaregood@gmail.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes all over the shop yes the special moments are too numerous but i think that playing in the outdoors in fields is definately the best thing in the world
Your musical influences
the sound of the wind played with violins and guitars to encompass the babbelling brook and drums for the claps of thunder this music is waltzing country and great
What equipment do you use?
my hands