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Maria Gronlund
Maria Gronlund
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Songwriter, singer and pianist from Stockholm, Sweden. Lyrics are important to me. Acoustic pop with influences of jazz and Swedish folk music. I've won song w
I'm a songwriter, singer and pianist from Stockholm, Sweden and I write songs in Swedish and English. Mostly acoustic pop with touches from jazz and Swedish folk. On most of my recordings my husband Magnus Grönlund plays the guitar. He's a classical guitarist and that is what gives his playing this remarkable tone quality. Our first 4-song CD "Å ena sidan" ("On the one hand") is now available at www.cdbaby.com In 2005 I've placed Top Five three times in the world wide songwriting competition Song of the Year. Two of these times I placed number one.
Band/artist history
Ever since I was a tiny little piano girl music has been my place and my own room in existence. When I opened the door to the stone scenting ivied old music school house in Visby and heard the clang of pianos and wind players from all the closed doors mix in the echoing big hallway, I felt: This is my magic box and I want to learn EVERYTHING! I still work on that, and the more I learn and the more I explore, the more there seem to be left! It might be because of my doing so many different things in music that I find it so hard to concentrate my work to a specific genre. Jazzy tunes, oldfashioned songs, funky pop, gospel, blues, flaunting schlagers and sad folk songs, happiness and melancholia in a glorious mess. I really don't know where in the index I belong. But - if your goal is to walk where the songs are, you must gratefully welcome the melodies and the lyrics when they knock on your door!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Music is about communication, expressing things that are hard to express merely in words. I love to share my music with people, and the moments when I feel that the audience really listen and take my music in are the moments that make me go on.
Your musical influences
Ella Fitzgerald, Eva Cassidy, Stevie Wonder, Chopin, Swedish Folk Music
What equipment do you use?
I love to play on a Steinway Grand Piano.
Anything else?
Go to www.cdbaby.com and buy one copy of "Å ena sidan" and one for your friend!