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Robzilla Tha Killah
Real Hip Hop, Street Hip Hop, Soul Hop, Life Music, Lifestyle,
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Match Point
My Life
the distnce inst.
Busta inst.
cruisin' inst.
since the end of 90's, Hip Hop has been searching for a home amongst its people; People who were willing to learn and grow in knowledge. Poeple who can observe the fact that Hip Hop is not only a type of music genre, but a culture with it's own language, behaviors, values, morals, and people... it seemed that Hip Hop was lost and it's near relative "Rap" had taken over, but the essence and livelyhood of Hip Hop remained in the heart of the Underground...
Band/artist history
you can e-mail for more info... Blackrob915@yahoo.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'm waiting to perform live and get people excited about REAL Hip Hop, not all this "snap yo fingaz", club shis... Every time someone gets hyped from a female degrading song, they kill the culture... right now I've been up in the studio tryin to cut this mix tape, and see what happens with all this
Your musical influences
I kno alot of people say this and only mean it half way, but EVERY KIND OF MUSIC INFLUENCES ME... From Hip Hop to R&B, and from Country to Conga,From Drumb&Bass to Soul, and the Rock to the Roll; I love it all. As for how i sound, my style can switch up, almost un recognizeable at times, but... You can be the judge of that...
What equipment do you use?
FL Studios, KORG Electribe EA-1 analog synth EA-1 MIDI analog synth, Yamaha Keyboard, BOSS Dr. Rythm DR-550MK II...
Anything else?
I SELL BEATS...!!! I Just wanna let every one in the 9ine 1ne 5ive kno that i'm here for them and the music i make is for them, i kno there's gonna be haters, and i kno there's gonna be a point in time where no one will like me, but i'll never forget where i'm from, how i started out, and who my homies have been and still will be... Real Music For Real People, not some bullshit club hits, and none of that degrading of our own people... and if y'all feel me i want to see you support, and go to the shows, big ups to 12 Second Theory, Formula 1ne, all the other local artist struglling to come up, we all are one in the same game... peace and love to my supporters and homies...
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