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Rick Glaze
Rick Glaze
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I range from hard rock to ballads, metal to love songs, and maybe even a slight hint of country and blues. I probably touch every genre of ROCK! Instruments/voc
I am a "solo" artist, if you will, because I do it all by myself now, but I love the way I am doing it now. I used to play professionally in bars and such, and have actually opened for a couple of once pretty big names (that I won't mention) at places such as State Fairs and bars, but now I do it all by myself, and though it may now just be a hobby as I don't make money playing anymore, I still take my "hobby" (music) pretty seriously. In the beginning, I recorded my music with a 4 track analog studio. I have since moved up to a much better digital system, though I am old school and actually prefer the sound of an analog recording. I play all instruments myself, including acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, and vocals (my weakest point, in my opinion). I think for the equipment I have, I make decent recordings. Born in Cleveland, when my father died my mother moved the family back to her hometown in Southern Ohio when I was nine months old. I've lived all over this great country.....from Florida to Alaska! I'm proud of my song writing and I play guitar and bass pretty well, and am even getting better and better on the drums and keys. My vocals are definitely not David Coverdale quality, but I can usually come up with "something" I think I can live with. As I said before, my voice is definitely my weak point. I hope you like what you hear. Rick
Band/artist history
I grew up in southern Ohio after being born in Cleveland. At 17 I moved to Columbus and a few years later married and had two children, who are now grown. I divorced in 1986 and in 1989 got a wild hair and took off for the Land of the Midnight Sun (Alaska) where I met my present (and final) wife, the love of my life.(a term I hate because it is way overused) But if the shoe fits, and in our case, it most certainly does! My wife and I moved to Seattle from Fairbanks about month after marrying as that was the music boom city at the time and I had ambitions of breaking into a band, possibly into the Grunge movement. Boy, I'm glad that didn't work out, as except for the "big 5" from Seattle, I really didn't care much for most grunge. Every band I auditioned for thought I played very well but they all said the same thing to me......I was too old. I was then the ripe old age of 30. Funny. In late 1994 My wife and I moved to Boise, Idaho. We're in Alaska to stay now. I've played in rock bands since I was 8 years old or so. That's right. Eight. I got my first guitar at 8 and have been at it since. But now I do it on my own and like it that way. It's great to jam with other musicians as you can never beat live music, but as far as "my hobby" of writing and playing everything myself, I can't think of anything better. I write everything from acoustic ballads to heavy metal, but mostly good hard driving Rock!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nothing is better than live music, especially when you're the one playing it on the stage, knowing those people with their eyes trained on you came there to see......YOU! But I haven't played live since about 1992. I have had numerous bands over the years and used to play live a lot. I've earned money doing it too, so I guess I can say I once played professionally. In 1974 I co-founded a band in Southern Ohio called Blitzkrieg (I know a million other bands have used that name but I'd bet we were the first! 1974?) I'm proud to say that "The 'Krieg," as we were eventually known, are still playing and more popular in the state of Ohio than they have ever been. In 2009, after not playing together for 32 years and me personally not even seeing, nor being in contact with "the guys" for about 29 years, the four original Blitzkrieg members had a reunion jam. The other three original Blitzkrieg members suprised me when I went back home to visit my sister before she passed away from a long battle with cancer a few weeks later, God rest her soul. I was the bass player in that band and left them in 1977. That was the best band I've ever been in, even though I was very young at the time. I've not met nor have I played with a better group of musicians since, and even though we were young, we were still kick-ass musicians and we just played well together. We "gelled" I guess. I was with them through my teen years, from age 14 to 17. I've always wanted to write and record my own music, with me playing all instruments, and that's exactly what I do now. If I must describe it as a hobby, I'd have to say it's a very serious hobby.
Your musical influences
I grew up in the 60s with, of course, The Beatles (my favorite, and frankly, in a class of their own), Elvis, Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons, The Animals, Jefferson Airplane,The Turtles,The Who,The Guess Who,Jimi,Janis,The Doors,etc. In the seventies (my teen years) I grew ever so fond of "Yes" and to this day I tell people they are my favorite band, along with bands such as: ELO, Queen, Rush, Kansas, Jethro Tull, Uriah Heep, etc. Production rock I guess is what they call it. I love strings and orchestral instruments. I like the mixture of classical music with rock. I loved Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony. In the 80s I mostly listened to classic rock or new music from classic rock artists like Yes, Elo and everybody mentioned before, but I also took a liking to the so called "Hair Band" onslaught. I think the best band that came out of the 80s may have been Def Leppard. Although there were many. I don't go for the notion that the 80s was the worst decade for music as is popular belief. I'd vote for the one we're in as being the worst. Seems like there's always somebody rappin' at me. Don't like rap! Sorry. It's not music to me. I'll get some flack over that statement. Rap artists usually don't write their own music. It's always something sampled or at best, programmed to play a loop over and over. And except for a few talented Grunge bands, that scene was also a bust. So the 90s wasn't a great decade for music either.
What equipment do you use?
Rogue LX405 PRO (5 string) Harmony H106B Acoustic Guitar Epiphone Les Paul Standard (transparent Blue) Ibanez RX-20 Electric Guitar Gibson Les Paul Heritage Series Standard-80 Casio CTK-496 Keyboard Yamaha DD-55 Electronic Drm Kit (not a drum machine) Tascam MF-P01 Portastudio (upgraded to a Tascam DP-01 8 track Digital in 2006) Technics 14 band EQ Shure Microphones Peavey Backstage 50 (50 watt guitar amp w/FX) Fender Concert II ('82 model and newly rebuilt 60 watt-2011) Behringer BX4500H Bass Head (450 watts of thunder) Acoustic Control Corp. 301 Bass cabinet (these were "THE" bass cab of the 70s and 80s) FX pedals:Wah Wah, Volume, Metal Distortion, Flanger,Chorus,Phase Shifter,Digitech RP50 Glass Slide Medium or Heavy gauge picks for guitar, Extra Heavy picks if needed for Bass) D'Addario Strings for all guitars and basses I'm a big fan of "FingerEase", a string lubricant that makes the strings "slick," if you will, cutting down on string noise, I don't know if I'd consider it "Equipment"
Anything else?
I'm just a guy that's always wanted to write, play, and record my own music with me playing all the instruments and that's exactly what I do now. I just didn't realize years ago that I would be 45 years old before I got to do it. It's good hard driving rock with a few ballads, love songs, a little twang here and there, and my friends tell me they can hear my Beatles influence. I don't sample or program anything. Every instrument and vocal is done by me. NO PROGRAMMING! So, give me a listen! You just may like my music.
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