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Jazzy Jones
Christmas is here
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Christmas is here Ataru ft JazzyJones
Jazzy Jones Likes to thank all that are down and wanna be part of her Apple Tree Jazzy Jones Started out as a singer at school. Here she started singing with the schoolband.The band always performed popsongs that were in tune with a theme message which was brought to the students that attended the schoolchurch. Songs that were performed were; "That's what friends are for" by Dionne Warwick,"Message in a bottle" by The Police and "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson And some for Jazzy especialley written material. These songs inspired students and teachers to bring them to a higher understanding and inspire them on the mental. Jazzy didn't only performe at the schoolchurch, school parties and graduations were favoured aswell. After her own graduation she was ask to performe with a friend of hers,"KLC". Better known as the man who came out with the suriname/caribean/dutch song "Geef me dat ding" in the summer of 2001. KLC and a friend of them togethere performed a Rap featuring, better known as "You know You're destined to be Mine" for a fashionshow held in their hometown. Some of You will still know the danceclub formerly known as "Cosmo" After living in the south of Holland Jazzy moved to the centre of Holland where she attended College. Music back then was in the background lurking at her. She had to decide what her next move was gonna be : After College, she attended the Polytechnic in The Hague but she really missed being involved in her music. But independent as she's always been she saw the fruits of having a good education and went for it.... During that period in her life she worked and studied as much as one could to get ahead and take care of herself. During that time listening to Music attending voice-training sessions and gaining knowledge about the music industry and studying were her prime activities. All this time the craving to performe never stopped. After visiting some friends in tha States she changed her mind for good. Jamming with her buddies in The States made her committed herself to her music for life and she decided to never ever let it slip away. She started out working with Sage and John Keys who produced some R&B tracks for her. Got herself in some Dance Music Projects of Tommy Music and started to write her own lyrics. Nowadays she working with a talented group of producers and awaiting the release of her brand new album filled with Jazzy Layback tunes aswell as R&B Jazz orientated feel good music. She also started working with her brother "D" and her uncle "KennyWay" who composed some high profile Layback Jazzy Soul Hip Hop fussion tracks for her. Jazzy Jones is One of a kind and opens a whole new dimension to The EarS ThaT LoVe MusiC. Stay tuned as Tha Saga continues.................
Band/artist history
Stay awake ... for an update
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Ye she sings live and enjoys every moment ... Studio en live stuff trigger her soul and she finds happiness and love surrounding her during any moment she's singing, listens to music, writing her lyrics and living her life....
Your musical influences
Erykah Badu, Aaliyah, Christina Milian, Bilal, D'Angelo, Destiny's Child, Missy Elliott, Ofcourse Miss Janet Jackson, India Irie, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Pink, En Vogue , Jill Scott, Babyface, Maxwell, Bilal, Sisqo, Denise Jannah, Lucy Pearl, TLC, Kelis, Tweet, Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Mary J. Blidge, and most R&B, New Soul and Jazz Artist that spread the WORD, HI-TEK,TAMIA, Justin Timberlake, And she just loves the series "CHARMED" which takes places in her al time favourite city San Francisco California USA.
What equipment do you use?
Logic & Cool Edit (to drop a fast idea like the ones U can listen to in the music section) sometimes Cubase My favorite microphones : Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure SM-58
Anything else?
Well stay tuned for more info soon ....and enjoy my Tunes .... Hereby I wanna thank all the Peeps that took me in to the charts and made it possible that I reached n# 4 in just a short amount of time withmy version of the track Paperthin back in 2002 (a cover song earlier recorded by MC Lyte in the eighties) Peace Jazzy Jones "We can't go back to the way we were"