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kae' goode
kae' goode
Scotland Neck, NC  USA
May 06, 2006
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Hi , I'm Kesha "Kae' " Goode. I am singer/ songwritter. I have been a part of music since I was a little girl performing in the street and on stages. I am presently working along side " The King Of NC. T- Guda and his AWESOME ... Street Team, (of Skillz Producion Agency)( they are the absolute best, I know none greater) and The master of Southern Soul Radio, he keeps us chillin in the juke joint my good friend DJ.Starchild of 1390 am. and Soul 92.1.FM. " (SHO YA RITE !!!) lOl.During my journey I have had the priviledge of doing work of all kinds from " Footwork " to "Street performances" with some you may or may not know but we made music nevertheless.The run down, a rough recall, in my past, i've worked with Leander " Lee" Tate of Seven Pro. Milton Terry, NC. K- Swiss & Kreme Kash, Par Mills , NC. Terry Batts/ Video Live , NC. Blaze, NC. G. Vagas, DC. Raheem DeVaughn, DC. and a few more. I was formally the first female artist of Highlife productions standing along side some of the best in the business, (Pop) Damar, Jersey Dev/MC, Ali Ahk,and the quietest of storms Shah-town. We all spent a great deal of time in the studio working hard day and night trying, trying, trying to come up with the " HOTTTNESS..." and we did. I had fun, I loved it. But like many times before it was, what felt like a failed attempt again at " Makin it ". But truthfully for those of you who may be thinking of quitting due to failed attempts, there are no failed attempts in trying to persue something you want. Everytime you try you are pushing yourself you are pushing your own product and you make it possible for one more person to know who you are and one day that one person could be the person to help you "Make It." It has been a long hard struggle to make my way in the music business, as it is for millions of us, but I continue to try, I must, I love it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes,Anywhere life and music takes me and yes I love it, I do. The moment is special anytime I get a chance to perform,especially with friends.It's a great deal of fun. I thank God for it.
Your musical influences
Patti Labelle ,Aretha Franklin, Donnie Hathoway, Lauren Hill, Beyonce', Alicia Keys,India Arie Mary J, Celine Dieon, Christina Agulara, Ella Fitzgerald,Natalie Cole, so many many more...
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