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welcome to the future
welcome to the future
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nice rap, good quality,Eminem
Hell On Earth Feat CZL
Peak in sub-genre #16
Paper Chaser (Open Collab)
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The Letter Part 2
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Make A Toast
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Gurleyen started rapping back in 2005, has since than made a dramatic improvement in not only his writing ability, but his flow, and vocals. "I took alot of time to write and prepare tracks, i just kept doing it, i figured, the more i do, the better i'll get". He could not of been more right, he has done collaborations with many Us Artist and a few aussie artists such as damman to name one. Has been interviewed by Damman him self on his radio show and also by a dude in Brisbane. He had a great opportunity to be a professional basketball player untill november 5th 2007 when he lost his eye playing the game he loved. "No regrets, i don't let the past hold me down, you just gotta go with it, it's only another hurdle i gots to leap and my legs are just warming up''. Look out for this striving mc to blow up soon, his is the future, his just been hiding. Check him out at www.myspace.com/gurleyen www.soundclick.com/welcometothefuture www.mp3.com.au/tysongurleyen www.bebo.com/yes123
Band/artist history
At the moment Gurleyen rolls solo, he has and is willing to work with mc's but does prefer making music by himself, any one wanting to collab, can reach him on 0424 391 897 or tyson_gurleyen@hotmail.com. Add him to msn if you want to chat there on the above email address.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet, i have been offered a few but haven't had the time.
Your musical influences
Gurleyen has soo many With american musicians it ranges from Eminem, Dr Dre, Saigon, R Kelly, Immortal Technique, Stat Quo, Kurupt, Snoop, Tupac, Biggie, The Game, Cannibus, Jedi Mind Tricks, 213 (Snoop, Nate Dogg & Warren G). Aussie Hip Hop/Nz Hip Hop Scribe, Tyree, Hilltop Hoods, Coptic Soldier, And many more.
What equipment do you use?
Legacy Valve Microphone Audio Kontrol 1 Fostex Head Phone Creative Soundblaster Audigy Raedon 8800 Series (Cross Fired) Berenger Truth 82030A 6 Inch Studio Monitors (2) And A Massive Sub But most importantly my pad and my pen.
Anything else?
always be real, speak the truth, and if you must lie, do it with style.. im gunna keep improving, fuck all you haterz, this is my turn, i done paid my fucking dues aight, respect me, and i might respect you
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