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Twisted ReAction
Twisted ReAction
1 Track
Morning and Dark fullon, Psy Trance
TWISTED REACTION is Edvin Alperavitch (1987),born in Lithuania and now living in Israel.At the age of 10 Edvin discovered the electronic music and started to produce and mix his own music at the age of 12. His musical influences came from chill out, drumn bass, techno, house, trip hop .. and others. At the age of 15 Edvin went to some psy trance parties and then discovered his style of life - psychedelic trance.In 2005 Twisted ReAction project was born and the first release was made on SunDance records. Twisted ReAction style is morning fullon and night trance.He joined a San Francisco based psy-trance label Geomagnetic.tv in the end of 2005 as he also works with Tokyo X- Ray, Japan . His first album will be released during 2006 on Geomagnetic.tv and will make lot's of noize and damage all over the globe!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'm playing dj sets and live....
What equipment do you use?
PC,2.3ghz,512ram,Delta soundcard.... midi controler + pair of studio monitors SAMSON 65a
Anything else?
http://www.geomagnetic.tv/artists/TwistedReAction.htm CHECK OUT more about me.....