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Melodic Euphoria
Melodic Euphoria
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Songs are melodic, and gives you an euphoric feeling. Trust me to live up to my name ;)
Mel's primary goal as as musician is to induce sonic orgasms by weaving bittersweet, soulful melodies together and present them with big drum hits, haunting atmosphere and heartfelt singing - the recipe for earworms. My philosophy on making music: creativity and finesse is not genre-bound, nor does it wait tirelessly for inspiration like a fool waits for miracles to happen. If you want to make music - just. do. it. Musician first, person second. I'm a starving artist in all sense of the word - starving for food, starving for affection, with only my passion for music for a will to live. My passion for music is so great that I'm hardly aware of my other deficiencies in my life. There has been numerous occasions when I went on an entire day composing music and forgetting to eat. So much for dedication. As for whether it pays off, I'll let you, the listeners, be the judge of that.
Band/artist history
Band history? Not much of a mystery. I started composing on FL Studio when I was 19. 4 years later some of my accomplishments are evident on the songs I've posted on the SC playlist. 100 years later this will be all that remains of me, a set of small footprints in the vast database of internet music. All the traces left of the most meaningful part of my existence. And likely all that I'll be remembered for. My creations stays on the days that I don't.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live locally with my band. The best part about it is overcoming stage fright and embrace the spotlight (haha, I made it rhyme :P) Special moments? Stay tuned.
Your musical influences
Me, and everyone else I've met along the way. My large repertoire of music, 96% of which is comprised of some kind of metal music.
What equipment do you use?
FLStudio 9
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