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leetyme and da-hol-n-da-wol gang
leetyme and da-hol-n-da-wol gang
2 Tracks
here them thangs come. the hol-n-da-wol gang.ya boy leetyme stated out with the contentation camp back in 94. lee, cloc, and youngbleed started the camp. youngbleed and leetyme continued to work togather after the camp broke up. leetyme was featured on 2 tracks off youngbleeds gold album.leetyme is the luetinant of youngbleeds carleone family. leetyme started the gang in 04 on his me & minez records company. the band was featured on the carleone's (family buiesness). the gang consist of tyme's brother skilla, infa-red, lil black, tweety, big boy trell, plus two b.gs lil mike and lil reggi. the whole lil click is tight and ready for action. i think they got tape wprms in they belly.
Band/artist history
the gang was created in 2004 they've realesd two udergruond project plus, they were a featured on two blled albums. leetyme the gangs leader is a tru vet. 5 bleed albums one gold, 3 concentation camp albums 4 cloc albums 3 underground albums and numerous features.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
leetyme:me ive done hunderds of show but my group members are just get to that part of the game. i watch their faces when the hear or music get pump in the clubs down here.
Your musical influences
youngbleed, cloc, lil bossie, lil webbie, maxminilly, b.g , cash money, no limit,