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Sevinz Muzik
Sevinz Muzik
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Gospel Rap, Hardcore Rap, Real Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B
Tha Storm
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We Die
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Some How, Some Way
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Not 4 Real
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Az I Am
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I waz born in tha bay...raised in SAC town. representin tha nutty northside sac, westside lerwick aka tha "L" block. I started rappin in 96' when my big homie Bart from oakpark taught me how to freestyle. it was curtainz after that...i loved to battle and just rep tha turf on niggaz. i started takin it seriously when i realized how powerful it was. my lyrikz could change peoplez mood or evin opinion about something...it waz krazy. when i got saved in 98' i decided to use the gift to try and bring awareness to the game or at least some type of balance. i just spit tha truth...some love it, some hate it but it iz what it iz and no one kan change it......this iz now and alwayz will be HOG MOB or Nuthin....you'll see.......WEST............
Band/artist history
Sevin emerged on the scene at age 17 with his debut Gospel Rap album All or None. This was a very powerful nationwide release and is still available on shelves in many Christian book and record stores today. Immediately after the release of the album Sevin began touring and ministering the Gospel through Rap music. In his time he has traveled on a European Tour, which included ministering in London, Belgium, Canada and other places including Jamaica as well as all across the United States. He specialized in bringing the gospel to the youth on the streets that might not have the message of Jesus Christ but through rap music. He has ministered along side some of the great names in Gospel music including, Kirk Franklin, The Kenoly Brothers, The Gospel Gangstaz, and many more. Over the years Sevin has evolved from the new kid on the West Coast block to the well-seasoned lyrical giant he is today. After the release of All or None, Sevin continued dropping more anointed albums about real life issues and his journey and relationship with Christ. His other underground releases include Holy Mictrimony, Feel Me, Hog Life, Sevins Greatest Hits, The 91Sikk Mixtape, and his two most recent albums released at the same time, Evin Angelz Kry, and the latest album Father Forgive Me which was released on Christsyde Records and distributed by Central South Distribution. All of Sevins music is grim and graphic in nature, but nevertheless upholds a very heavy evangelistic overtone. This is rap for people that are lost in the streets and are looking for another way out. Sevins style and lyrical genius is already having him ranked with the likes of rap greats such as Scarface and the legendary 2Pac.
Your musical influences
brotha lynch hung, c-bo, gangsta dre, dre-d, luniz, messy, jt, mak dre (r.i.p) pac, nas, biggie, mob deep, scarface, 8ball mjg, flo montana, gospel gangstaz, onyx, dmx....jodeci, brian mcknight, mint condition, sam salter, joe, h town(r.i.p dino)...bethoven, hathoway, bb king, m. bolton, sting
Anything else?
GET AT ME sevinhogmob@hotmail.com http://www.hogmobmuzik.com http://www.myspace.com/hogmob http://www.christsyderecords.com
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