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Christian Friedrich
Christian Friedrich
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Trailer for Concert Gala Oct. 2016
Hello @ all: I was really surprised when a good friend of me tell me about this site. So I want sign up immediately. Yeah and now I am here :-). (I hope you can understand my english*g*)
Band/artist history
Oh history: I had many great and unique little concerts in my first 5 years on stages. Especially I want to list that I have composed and sang the official song of the wolrd championchips in junior rows 2005 in my town.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I have a few live performances in my home town and in the near region at city partys (Stadtfeste)... for 5 years ago...
Your musical influences
I love to sing since I can think. But with 12 or 13 years I explore the at the Titanic Film. Since this moment I sing more intentive. And I'm still in singing training professional in Berlin since December 2003.
What equipment do you use?
For my records I have only a simple microphone, a little mixer and a very good software by Steinberg, calles "Cubasis VST 3.0".
Anything else?
I hope you like my music and my voice. If that's right, I hope you can feel free and enjoy my little trips into an other world. My general aim is to sing until the f'' or higher. At the moment I work hardly on my Tenor. Now I sing songs until the f'. And hopefully at the end of this year until c'' ;-).
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