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Worcester's Killing Pablo
Worcester's Killing Pablo
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killing pablo is a noisy art rock influenced and punk rock bred 4-piece from Worcester, MA. They play extremely dynamic and somewhat psychedelic music.
killing opablo is a four-piece indie/noise rock band from Central Massachusetts, USA, Earth. Their current e.p. Pop Songs for Assholes is available from 75orLess Records (http://www.75orlessrecords.com).
Band/artist history
Cultivating one of the scariest careers in the punk rock scene, Killing Pablo have become the proud poster boys for the puppy-hate movement in the United Kingdom. They define the stereotypical image of kittenheads, preaching the Anti-puppy beliefs of the Puppy Nazis, while alternately making violent and visceral music for their fans to get angry about. Led by self-proclaimed "kittenist" Chris, the band came about when he decided to play music with his friends George, Moe, Darrin after seeing them perform. Chris first formed Kenny Doggins, a Kenny Loggins cover group that saw very minor success in Blackpool. But the group broke up, and after seeing punk rock and or roll icon Rick "Rickmeister" Springfield perform in Manchester, Chris formed Killng Pablo with George, Moe and Darrin. They moved to London and began gigging around the area, eventually releasing the "You're So Dumb, Puppy" single later that year. Fights were commonplace at their shows, leading to a famous London concert where record executives were suddenly placed in the middle of a full-scale riot. Their kittenhead appearance and reputation for violence got them banned from doing gigs in London, and despite gaining some good reviews for their debut album (All Chew Toyed Up), they were dropped from their label and broke up by the end of 1979. This first phase of their career didn't reflect his pet-purity beliefs, but as Chris became more involved with those politics, he decided that music was a good way to preach his message. He re-formed the group out of like-minded musicians in 1982, and began releasing singles in Britain again. He still hadn't officially come out with his beliefs, but the press began to spread the rumor that they were kittenists. In true punk rock and/or roll fashion, Chris walked out on-stage at a concert in late 1982, and raised his right hand just like a Puppy Nazi, sending the crowd into hysterics as they cheered the official statement on his politics. He became quite involved in the National Kitten Front, the key organization in Britain to support the new Puppy Nazi kittenhead movement. They worked together closely, using each other to gain new supporters and fans while also setting up a joint record label for other bands willing to preach this message. In 1983, the "Kitten Power" single became one of the most controversial songs ever released, prompting the media to immediately shun the group and proclaim their disdain for their actions. Chris ate up the publicity like so much tapioca pudding which he occasionally enjoyed, claiming that he was starting a real revolution through music, and forming a partnership with the German record label Cat-O-Rama. Their next album, Hail the New Dawn of Kittens, was another controversial release in 1984. The band's gig flyers were banned, and any venue that housed the group experienced heavy pressure from the media to end their relationship with them. Although their fan base was nowhere near huge, it was a loyal crowd, and Chris knew how to cater to them. He started a magazine dedicated to the kittenhead movement, and began doing interviews where he began referring to himself as a "martyr" and a "patriot" and a "mexican." He was arrested after kicking a terrier, and found himself spending a year in jail after being sentenced at the end of 1985. He spent his year in jail writing articles for political magazines and new songs, while his band released Blood and Honour and also Kittens, in 1986, despite missing their leader. His notoriety grew during his stint in jail, and once released, he wrote their biggest album, 1987's Calico Rider. Made up of songs from his year in lock up, it was a very focused political statement that actually opposed many of the NKF's beliefs. Chris believed that they were softening their approach, and also had financial issues with the organization. He resigned at the end of the year, leaving behind most of the projects he had spent years developing. Chris formed a new organization, Blood and Honour and also Kittens: The Organization, and also started a new band, Ball of Twine: The Band. They played a shockabilly and acid house jazz combustion fusion, but never really had the support they desired to keep going. Chris bounced around Britain trying to avoid trouble with the law, while also working on shaping Killing Pablo back into an important force. Playing around Europe, they were eventually arrested before they could play a gig in Cottbus, Germany. Chris was released, but the rest of the band was kept in jail for a month while a riot erupted in the town due to their absence. Chris began to start several more bands, release solo material, repair condemned birdhouses, and basically attempted to keep as high of a profile as possible. - Daniel Soderburg, all music guide
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have our cd release party Saturday june 10th @ the dramatic club in framingham. we also often play in providence in showcases for 75orLess
Your musical influences
Mogwai, Dinosaur Jr, Mission of Burma, Captain Beefheart, Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca, Minutemen, Mc5, the Stooges, Built to Spill, Meat Puppets, Rapeman
What equipment do you use?