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Simon Kelly
Simon Kelly
2 Tracks
if paul simon recorded graceland in jamacia...... like dubbed out bluegrass......... like the grateful dead on ecstacy....... like nothing else at all really...
Simon Kelly is a singer songwriter from Western Australia. He writes songs then sings them :-)
Band/artist history
Simon Kellys music career began at 14 with perth band Wasted Youth (later changed to Martian Radio). By the time Simon was 19 they had released their debut album, toured Australia with Suicidal Tendencies, played the Big Day Out twice as well as numerous supports and festival gigs around the state. Tiring of the rock n roll lifestyle, Simon quit the band, travelled the world, recieved an arts degree, and retired to a cattle farm in the lush south west of Australia. In that time he set up a home studio, released an album of eclectic acoustic tunes and played gigs in weird country pubs from kalgoorlie to margaret river. Simon has since moved back to perth and recorded a mini album of 7 songs with acclaimed producer hIRO? no release date has been set but past experience would suggest it will take longer than he would like......
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I played my first gig at 14 and havent stopped since. Since then i have played to crowds of 15,000 at outdoor festivals and to crowds of 15 in the australian outback. i love it all, they all present different challenges and rewards.
Your musical influences
I love the music and rythyms of africa and reggae, but my sound is influenced by great songwriters, such as Bob Marley, Paul Simon (esp graceland album), David Gray, Damien Rice, Dave Matthews and Peter Gabriel. I also love good guitar players like Bob Brozman, Jeff Lang and Jimi Hendrix. i also love bands have a sound that is made up of the unique styles of the individuals in it such as the Grateful Dead and Tool.
What equipment do you use?
Taylor and Maton guitars. the Roland loop station for live gigs (RC-20 i think) and i use reason software with cubase at my home studio
Anything else?
i love to read tom robbins and watch the Mighty Boosh.