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Messian Dread
Messian Dread
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Original Dubroom Productions. Dubroom.org promotes (DUB) Reggae and Consciousness online since 1997
Messian Dread - When The dubbing Starts
Peak in sub-genre #68
Messian Dread - Dubbing To The Spiritual Slaves
Peak in sub-genre #20
Messian Dread - There is More To Dubbing
Peak in sub-genre #24
Messian Dread - Dubbing in this Wind
Peak in sub-genre #55
With over half a million downloads at various different sites, Messian Dread is one of the most popular Online DUB Artists. He is widely considered to be a pioneer in online DUB and the popularization of creating DUB music with computers. He produces his music in his studio The Dubroom. Today, Messian Dread still releases much of his music on the Internet. The music of his art is Roots. Roots Reggae with the emphasis on Dub. Most tracks he makes are Dubs. Where other modern Dub Artists choose ultra modern breakbeat rhythms, or cross the lines of reggae in another way, Messian tries to keep his music well within these borders. His ideal is to simulate the situation of the studios in which reggae originated and to produce his music according to the same principals. To say he never experiments is another extreme, but the central point in his music remains to be the combination of his roots basslines and authentic reggae drums. Messian Dread's main inspiration lies within the works of the Dub Masters, like Scientist, Prince Jammy, King Tubby, Paul Groucho Smykle, and Philip Smart. "They remain to be the masters for I," he says. Although Messian Dread has such clear examples, his music is in no way a copy of their work. "Because I also play most of my music myself, and I sing on my own tracks, this is a difference with the Original Dub Masters." Consciousness is another strong foundation in the music of Messian Dread. You will not find slackness (that is: more or less pornographic) in his tracks. Within reggae, the word "consciousness" stands for positive lyrics with a spiritual or social message. Messian's music is just that. Being a "Jesus Dread", or (as some call it) "Rasta of the Christ Doctrine", like his example Yabby You, is the main reason for Messian Dread to make music. And to write. Messian Dread's writings go hand-in-hand with his musical releases, and when you have the time to check them, they will give the musical experience a deeper dimension for sure. His publications and articles have been quoted in books. Messian Dread also spoke at universities and festivals on an international basis. And the press knows to find him too. Often, his out-spoken and thought-provoking articles and essays initiate fierce debates. ------------------------------------- Discography: Messian Dread One From Dubroom Archives volume 1 MessenJah Dub From Dubroom Archives volume 2 Mark Of The Nazarite Hardcore DUB Sessions Skunk In The Room From Dubroom Archives volume 3 No Worry Your Mind EP Apocalypse Then Reasonings In Dub Showcase From Messian Dread With DUB (5 Track) PLUS: Lots Of Single Releases ---------------------------------- Appeared on: Various Artists - Roots of Dub Funk volume 1 (UK) Various Artists - You Got Rhythm (JAPAN) Various Artists - Dub meets Dub (USA) Alpha and Omega - Serious Joke (UK)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do play live, both solo as well as with "my" band JAH Roots.
Your musical influences
King Tubby and every great DUB engineer that followed his example.
What equipment do you use?
Computers, mixing boards, effects, percussion and other instruments, and ofcourse my voice.
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