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stoner rock, hard rock, old school metal,
sit down and listen to the story of three friends who have come from three totally different backgrounds, geographical locations and styles of music to create the power trio, hdr... joe mora, hdrs main singer and only guitar player, is a So Cal native who has been abusing himself for years with non stop gigs, parties and musical learning experiences. amy tung, San Francisco classical pianist with a punk engine, can do it all, shredding a fuzzy bass, jam acoustic guitar or light up a keyboard to make people trip and dont forget her chrissie hynde-like lead vocals she works into hdrs chameleon like sound. Johnny Lord, drummer from new englands enfield connecticut, who needed to move out of the small pond thirteen years ago to come to hollywood to further sharpen his hard hitting style and his already evil street smarts. the thing that separates hdr from all the zillion killer l.a. bands is that theyre three people who love to play slammin, heavy, beer pounding, whiskey shootin, high energy music and with all their unbelievable industry friends having decided to pull up their pants and join alliances, hdr gives l.a. another gold medal to add to its music collection. so if youre a life lovin, good time havin, party railin soul, come see us rip out a slammin set and party 'til there aint none left.
Band/artist history
5 years of rock!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, California, yes, every show.
Your musical influences
black sabbath, zz top, son house, black flag, devo, the james gang, kyuss, beatles, day glo abortions, the faces, discharge, pretenders, led zep, & clutch.
What equipment do you use?
Endorsed by Switch Guitars & Drive Amps, Sunn model T, Fender jazz bass, Guild s-100, Ampeg, Fender tele, DW drums, Zildjian cymbals, & a Big Muff.
Anything else?
We Like Rock Music, We hope You Do Too.
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