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Jaedo Cash
Jaedo Cash
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One of the hottest artist out of the south, Jaedo Cash has a smooth delivery that takes control of the beat. No doubt, on his way to the top, this artits is mak
Jaedo Cash started off his career as Lilâ Joe and the name has still stuck with him since. Lj (Lilâ Joe) started writing rhymes around 15 years old. After he had written his first track he realized that it came easy to him and pursued it. It was around 1993 when he meet Scott Johnson (211) and Jason Anderson (J-Styles) and the three formed a trio. Jaedo and Scott were the m.c.âs and J-styles was the producer. The three quickly messed as a unit and soon after that the group MYRAGE was formed, however the group did have itâs problems. Jaedo and Scott could never seem to get on the same page with the songs Jaedo Says: Scott was my muthafucking homeboy, but he was always writing some true m.c. shit and I was writing some gutta ass shit. So Jaedo Cash decided to go off onto his own and pursue a solo career. After bouncing around from studio to studio years later Jaedo Cash found himself with some nice tracks and a good following but was still unstable. Jaedo says: Man, muthafuckas was bangin my shit in the streets and everybody was feeling my shit, but I was too caught up out in the streets. My music was on the back burner whenever I got around to it. In those days I was trying to put food on the table and music wasnât doing that, the dope game was. Well, all that came to an end when Jaedo was shot and nearly lost his life over a deal gone bad. After recouping in the hospital Jaedo knew it was time to make a change. Jaedo says:Man, that shit was fucked up, it really fucked me up in the head. I didnât sleep for like a year and all I did was ride around looking for the muthafuckas that shoot me. I was on a mission! After trying to focus all of his attention on revenge Jaedo decided to focus his attention on something more productive and that where the beginning of One & Only Records came in. Jaedo says:Man, I was still jumping in and out of the dope game and I had like a couple of thousand dollars so I said fuck it and I went and bought some studio equipment and started laying shit down. And after working on several projects Jaedo finally scored it big and got his worldwide break with the 2004-2005 album release Lilâ Joe â Fallinâ Tears album. The track Suck My Balls blew the internet up and made it to #2 out of over 700,000 songs on soundclick. Jaedo says: That song really let people know who the fuck I was. I always had street credibility but now people everywhere are bumping my shit. In 2005 Lilâ Joe changed his name to Jaedo Cash and decided to make a new start. He is currently working on his latest album Jaedo Cash â Str8 Gutta and he plans to release it sometimes around the first of the year and is also working on a spoken word Cd that should be released around the same time. Jaedo future looks bright but only time will tell how bright. When we asked Jaedo will he ever go mainstream and sign a deal with a major label, he said: You know, thatâs always a possibility. Whoever gets me IF anyone gets me will definitely have a first round pick, you know what Iâm talking bout.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
South Side, Nashville Tn.
Your musical influences
I am my greatest influence. Nobody makes music like I want to hear, but if I have to pick someone as being the closet, I would say the hardest dude putting it down is Trick Daddy. Tupac was also a true Pioneer!
What equipment do you use?
Come on now, some shit you can't tell. Hit up Point Blank Productions!
Anything else?
Keep your eyes open for the new CD "Jaedo Cash - Str8 Gutta" It will be availible on I-Tunes, Rapsody, Amazon.com, Verizon Wireless and many more.
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