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Null Productions
Null Productions
16 Tracks
Headache-inducing crap that makes absolutely no sense, and, given the opportunity, it will end humanity. Maybe.
So one time, I was looking at some stuff, right? And this stuff, it told me some stuff about stuff, and the stuff said that I should make me some hardcore stuff, and other stuff like that, because I can make stuff like that. Maybe even some fast breaks stuff... and stuff it was! The stuff also said don't worry about redundant stuff, because that stuff will be good enough that everyone will go "hey man, that's some good stuff."
Band/artist history
Summer 2005 - Worked on Dream Sequence CD October 2005 - Released Dream Sequence CD. A total of three copies were handed out. The rest of 2005 and beginning of 2006 - Worked on random house crap Later in 2006 - Released Null Reality Vol. 1, a continuous set of said random house crap April or May 2006 - Decided that house was boring, terrorcore is cooler May 2006 - Offended a bunch of emos and made them cry with one track, entitled "Go Smash Your Heads In, You Little C---s." January 2007 - The start of a new year... TangenT and his friends are going to be putting out a dnb album... hopefully. April 2007 - Got a Roland Juno-G, starting making house crap again July 2007 - After Not Suggested Music died, Tangeeee got some new hosting and opened the . August 2007 - Mr. C moves to Fort Collins to go to Colorado State University October 2007 - First DnB track on the Juno, as well as the discovery of how awesome the Overdrive-Echo effect is when running a kick drum through it. November 2007 - That DnB album planned at the beginning of the year never happened, did it? Damn. Well, all we have is up for download anyways. No biggie.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have not YET done a live gig... I was going to at the beginning of this year, but unfortuntely, Colorado weather does NOT like the thought of me randomly throwing a block party. SUCKS.
Your musical influences
Endymion, Nosferatu, Delta 9, Rotterdam Terror Corps, DJ Noisekick... all sorts of hardcore stuff, ya know? Also, I like Dieselboy, Evol Intent, Pieter K, and other assorted Drum n Bass stuff. As for more housey stuff, I like anything Steve Lawler spins. Tribal or dark house with some sounds reminiscent of Enigma is something I'm trying to get in to.
What equipment do you use?
Current Lineup: Roland Juno-G Workstation Keyboard Dell Inspiron 600m (Running Kubuntu Linux, using Rosegarden for MIDI) M-Audio O2 MIDI Keyboard Shure PG-58 Dynamic Mic KRK Rokit RP-8 Studio Monitor Pair Old equipment: YAMAHA DSR-1000 BOSS Dr. Rhythm Section DR-5
Anything else?
I would just like to remind our viewers at home that they should learn from my mistakes. For instance, any music over 160bpm should be avoided while sleeping. If you should happen to listen to fast music during your slumber, you may awake to find yourself half undressed and half out the window. This is not suggested.
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