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The Jay Dyall Project
The Jay Dyall Project
Standing On A Corner (2019)
Peak position #27
This song was inspired and based on a true story of a girl I knew when I was a teenager. Her name was Lisa and she never did come back home. I do hope she turned her life around for the better, and is listening to this song today. (New 2019 version)
Peak position #1
A #1 INXS influenced song performed by Jay Dyall and BEATLESEX. Hit #1 in the Alt. Power Pop chart and in the main Alternative charts (2007) and in the Alternative General charts several times when re-released in 2010! Re-uploaded 3/18/15
Never See You Again...
Peak position #38
Ever ended a bad relationship, trying hard to resist going back to it? That's what song's about. Written after inspiring jam session with 2 of my former bandmates Spring 2018. Original release date: Oct 19, 2018. Remix Release date: Jan, 1st, 2020
I Dont Belong Here...
Peak position #18
When you've had enough of being in a bad relationship and decide it's time to leave.... Original release Date: July 16, 2017 Remix Release date: Jan, 2st, 2020
So What Now? (Ballad Version)
Today #65 in Acoustic Rock subgenre
When you know the relationship isn't working out, a decision must be made. Slow ballad version.
Peak position #26
A #1 Hit! A song finally recorded after 30 years of trying! A story of a wandering spirit searching to belong someplace where she can be free. Read the lyrics, its open for your interpretation.
Guide Me....
Today #72 in Christian Rock subgenre
A Christian Rock song or a love song plea, you decide. Recorded January 2019, was waiting for a guest vocalist to sing this, but since it didn't happen, here it is by yours truly. Lyrics Video Can Be Seen On YouTube at https://youtu.be/YjBSaD78tGs
Dali's Surrealistic Dream 2020 (Instrumental)
Peak position #16
An updated new version of my 2010 experimental Pop song. Best to listen with headphones and a drink! :-) Artwork by Fugit
Kiss Your Lips
Peak position #7
A #1 Hit! Longing to be with the one I love just to kiss her again and again...........
Can I Take You Home
Today #54 in Funky R&B subgenre
A Prince inspired song R&B/Funk song. Was hoping for another vocalist to do this but after waiting a year decided to do it myself. Hope you like! Original release date: August 26, 2018 Remix release date: Jan 3, 2020
The Advice (R&B/HipHop Version)
Peak position #47
A #1 hit! A slow R&B/HipHop version of my rock song, using sampled tracks/beats & playing along with keyboards. Original release date: 6/10/10. Re-uploaded 3/18/15. Remix release date: Jan 5, 2020. If anyone wants to cover this, feel free to do so
Mi Cancione De Amor (My Spanish Love Song)
Peak position #11
A #1 upbeat Spanish language Latin pop/rock love song with percussions to give it a little Merengue feel. Original release date: June 1, 2018 Remix release date: Jan 3, 2020
Happy (That You Stayed) (2020)
Today #10 in Pop/Balada subgenre
A #1 Latin Pop song, about being with someone who didn't give up on me in spite of my flaws and shortcomings. New version of out 2016 #1 hit. Reached #1 March 23,2020.
Stay With Me (Quedaste Aqui)
Today #60 in Merengue subgenre
A #1 hit in 2 days! My first English-word Merengue release, Dominican style! Viva Quisqueya!! Released on 12/14/09. Re-uploaded 12/31/14
Count Me In (Gary Lewis & The Playboys Cover)
Peak in sub-genre #2
Our cover version of the classic 1965 song by Gary Lewis & The Playboys. Original release date: May 26, 2018 Remix release date: Jan 3, 2020
Heart For Sale (TJDP 2017)
Today #80 in Garage Rock subgenre
A #1 Hit! Giving my heart another chance to be loved! Original Release date : October 21, 2017. New Remix date Jan. 1st, 2020
Mad World (Tears For Fears Cover)2017
Today #46 in Goth subgenre
A new 2020 Remix of the 2017 version of a Tears For Fears cover we did a few years ago. Had too much bass and deep low strings, which I fixed, now it sounds better. Original Upload date: March 22, 2017 Remixed Version: Jan. 1st, 2020
Save Me
Peak position #70
A Ballad "cover" version of the Dyall-Tones hit! Original release date: March 27, 2017 Remix release date: Jan 3, 2020
A Distant Memory
Today #23 in Baroque subgenre
A sad song lamenting a lost love. In a vocal classical baroque style. Original release date: August 13, 2018 Remix release date: Jan 3, 2020
Let's Make Love Again
Peak position #57
A #1 hit recorded in Lesley's Studio in '94. This is the historic very first song Jay and Lesley recorded together all those years ago!! Was a very fun song to work with at that!!