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Fourteen recordings by The Richman Curse : 1. "LONG GONE" - The major third on the first beat of the fourth measure of the final flute solo represents Esther Povitsky sneezing. 2. "HAPPY SAD" - Click the three dots on the left, a menu can be seen. The song page has the lyrics, though who knows what they mean? 3. "QUIET ONE" - The musical interlude in the middle was influenced by an episode of "The Twilight Zone" called "Come Wander With Me". 4. "LOOK NO FURTHER" - The vamp toward the end is suitable for chanting the "Hare Krishna Mantra", with the first "Hare" on the pickup beat. 5. "BLESSING IN DISGUISE" - Inspired by a lady named "Blessing". 6. "YOUR LOVE" - Written around 4:00 AM on December 8th, 1980. 7. "ALL ABOARD THE MUNCHKIN EXPRESS" - Dedicated to the 18th century composer, Francesco. 8. "ONLY IN YOUR MIND" - The flute parts during the last section are actually bits of the melody to the song "Ozone Man". 9. "CHILDREN PLAYING WITH TOYS" - Composed while watching some band on "Saturday Night Live" years ago. I turned off the sound, but I kept the TV on so I wouldn't miss "Weekend Update". 10. "CASCADING ELECTRONS" - My brother left his nicotine stained white Stratocaster at my house. 11. "OZONE MAN" - A tribute to Frank Zappa. 12. "THE PLANET ZOLOFT" - Psychiatric meditation. 13. "MUSIC FROM LONG GONE" - A brief excerpt, the beginning slightly different from how it appears in the finished version of the song. 14. "LONG GONE 2" - The sequel to "Long Gone". Interview : I'm Jeff W. Richman. And the name of my band is "The Richman Curse". All parts, music, lyrics, synthesizers, flutes, electric guitar, electric piano, percussion and vocals were composed, arranged, produced, performed, recorded and engineered by me. So if it's no good, it's not my fault. (And I also did the paintings.) I'm from a family of musicians. As "The Richman Brothers Band", we never had much luck in the music business, and we would jokingly blame The Richman Curse for each new disappointment. I finally decided that should be the name of the group. And the rest is history. I used my screen name "QOQUAQ" for this web site because I wanted to be more discreet. QOQUAQ is a character from Jon Anderson's 1976 album, "Olias Of Sunhillow". The name is pronounced "ko-kwayk", the accent on the second syllable. With the exception of "Long Gone" and its sequel, these tracks appear on the Richman Curse CD entitled "It's Only In Your Mind..." The CD has some effective segues which make it more enjoyable than listening to individual MP3's. Anyone who requests a copy will receive a CD-R absolutely free. Send your mailing address to Jeffwrichman@cs.com
Your musical influences
Mainly Frank Zappa, Yes, ELP, Gino Vannelli, The Moody Blues, Bela Bartok, and of course, my dad, Boomie Richman, plus my older brothers, Steve and Barry.
What equipment do you use?
Ensoniq, Artley, Fender
Anything else?
I consider The Richman Curse to be a band, even though on these particular recordings, I play all the parts. After all, which sounds better - " Would you like to hear my band?" or "Would you like to hear me sitting alone in my garage?" Being a one-man-band does have some advantages. For one thing, I can never be fired, even though I'm often late for rehearsals. And when you don't have to share the groupies with other band members, you wind up saving a ton of money on disinfectant.
Long Gone
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Happy Sad
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Quiet One
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Look No Further
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Blessing In Disguise
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