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Collective Hallucination
Collective Hallucination
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A Soul Band That will refresh your soul with funk jazz rock and cool rhythms.
l Collective Hallucination Bio They've opened for George Clinton (twice!), and Mos Def. They've shared the bill with Los Lonely Boys. Theyve opened for Lalah Hathaway and co-headlined the Florida Indi Fest, been featured in the Jump Jive and Jam Fest in Texarkana and headlined the Bayou Soul Festival in Houston . The leader of the band, Ant Boogie has shared the stage with Prince, (yes, that Prince). Collective Hallucination was the headline act at The Official Essence Festival After party held at The Empty Spoon Café July 2006. They've been featured in The Texarkana Gazette, Houston Style Magazine, Black and Single Magazine, Electronic Urban Report, Road Runner Magazine, Chron Dot Com, Houston Chronicle, Outbound Music Dot Com, The Houston Forward Times and have been nominated as Houstons best R&B act in The Houston Press going against Latoya formerly of Destinys Child and Brooke Valentine! They've appeared on Houstons Fox Rox, The After Party with Ernie Manouse, KPFT's Joe's Roadhouse and Majic 102 FM. Their music has been played on air as far away as radio stations in Ireland and Japan! That's the first chapter! Collective Hallucination, Houstons hardest working original SOUL band, are set to write the next chapter of a promising career! "It's all about the music man", says Ant Boogie, guitarist and band leader for Collective Hallucination. "We want to play, record and perform good, quality music that touches everyone all over the world." Collective Hallucination is the name given to the band formed by Anthony Frazier and drummer Kenneth Bates in late 1999. Due to illness, Kenneth aka The Time Keeper, was forced to leave in early 2003. The success of CH is essentially one man's dream, namely Anthony "Ant Boogie" Frazier. Ant Boogie says he will not stop until that success comes calling! It began years ago with an idea to front a band that would bring elements of funk; rock and soul back together in original recordings and performances. In 1999, Ant met Montrose, an artist/ musician from Dallas through a mutual friend. He sent a copy of his cd, "Invisible Milk" to Ant and he was immediately blown away by what he heard. Montrose and Ant became friends instantly and they've been friends ever since. One night, while visiting Houston, Montrose and Ant hooked up for a jam session of sorts with Kenny at a friend's barbershop. CH was born and a legendary band and band leader started their journey. The band has performed at many great Houston venues including, The Red Cat Jazz Café, Scott Gertners Sky Bar, Houston Omni Central, The Rhythm Room, Sasones, Dan Electros Guitar Bar (the first soul band to perform there!), The Empty Spoon and Muddie Waters, to name a few. Theyve been dubbed the Evolutionary Soul Music band of HTX! Many consider them to be the hardest working original soul music band in Houston. Not bound by the strains of being an R&B band, Collective Hallucination's music explores everything from Rock to Jazz, Soul to Pop, Funk and Spoken Word. The music reflects me and my band says Ant, it's not just R&B. Music has always been an integral part of Ant's life. His mother, Helen raised him up on the gospel sounds of Mahalia Jackson and Sister Rosetta Thorpe, where as his father, Jacob was an avid listener of BB King, Albert King, Freddie King, Muddy Waters and other great blues artist. His brother Jake, Jr. introduced him to the sounds of Parliament/Funkadelic, David Bowie and Curtis Mayfield, while his brother Jesse played the country and rock & roll of Elton John, Hank Williams Jr., Billy Joel and others. Anthony gives a lot of credit to his cousin Glen who used to give him lps by artist like Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix and others. Ant had fallen in love with music at an early age, but really turned head over heals with music in the 80's when artist like Prince, Duran Duran, Culture Club, U2 and most notably INXS ruled the airwaves. By the time Prince released "1999" in 1982 and INXS released "The Swing" in 1984, Ant had thrown himself head first into the deep waters of the music industry. Ant says he usually writes songs and thinks to himself is this a song Desree, INXS, Incognito or Prince would do? Then if the answer is yes, he introduces it to the band. From there, they work together in bringing the best of any song written out. Unlike the typical urban artist, they don't swagger; don't bling; don't croon. They are of a different musical caliber, carrying guitars, sporting retro gear and carrying an individualistic style that'll make you furrow your brows to traditional trends in black music. They are musicians who embrace alternative, rock and funk, defying the definition of the black artist. They are the alternative to what our ears are accustomed to and whether we're down with their style or not we have to respect that they have stepped outside of the music industry's box and played by their own rules. They yearn to bring you a different flavor of music. After years of learning everything he could in the music industry on the business end and playing with many bands, Ant set out to assemble his own band at the encouragement of his good friend Montrose. The rest is history. Are you ready to be a part of the next chapter in the Collective Hallucination story? Collective Hallucination is: B Funk-Bass Diamond-Vocals Shay_Renee-Vocals Mocha-Drums and Percussions Ant Boogie-Guitars, Vocals and other Noises For More information on Collective Hallucination including media inquiries, etc; please dial 713 721 3737 or email info@collectivehallucination.com For booking information please email bookings@collectivehallucination.com or call 832 882 8726 Visit Collective Hallucination on the web at www.collectivehallucination.com or www.myspace.com/collectivehallucination
Band/artist history
Visit the official website for Collective Hallucination to check out information on current band members. Through the years Collective Hallucination has not been known to have a recognized line-up of members; CH is essentially one man's dream, namely Anthony Ant Boogie Frazier. Since the inception of Collective Hallucination in 1999, many musicians have been involved in creating the sound of CH. Rather than focusing on individuals, equal credit is given for their contributions. This approach, to quote Ant himself, "promotes and encourages the talents of the musicians and in turn teaches all of us humility and a sense of sharing that is not usually present in most other bands". In putting together the credits for this section of the web site, Ant took an unconventional approach by listing the musicians as "The CH Family"; a decision that he is proud of, because he wants everyone to know where hes from and where hes going. This section will only be available on the HVM site. The CH site is solely for the sake of what's happening now with the band. In keeping with this philosophy, the people who have contributed to Collective Hallucination over the years are listed below and grouped by their 'primary' role in the band. Vocals: Mink Fontaine, Lyfe, DeVyne, Joli, Eternity, An'tick, Q-Tee, Heavyn, Earth Sol, Soleil, Diamond, Soul Shine Background Vocals: Candy Clarke, Mocha, Angel, Javi, Choice, K'monte', Marlena Cooper, Evelyn Robinson, Samyra Rogers, Michael Moses, Dre' Burks, Laine Guitars: The Roy Wonder, Terry Davidson, Tommy Rogers, J Lightning Bass: Darius Clemons, The Funky Negro, Dennis "DT" Taylor, Joshua "Bass Mint" Carre, Steve Steele, Frank Rollins, J Thunder, B Funk Drums: Kenneth "The Time Keeper" Bates (also co-founder), Black Chylde, Uncle Funky Percussions: Bradley "The Bradster" Caudle, Mocha Strings: Marquita "Sista Strings" Cross, Bino Keys: Bert Foster, Russell Ross, Soul Shine Brass: Dean James, LaQuin Lay, Dan Kusz Dee Jay: Corwin "DJ CMC THE GREAT" Gray Poetry: Taji, Yeuqran, Deep Blu Sea, Ms. Marie Brown, Nisey, Inertia, Christopher Whaley, Jazzman, Spirit Production: Big Daddy Batman, Dan Kusz, Photography: Guy Bouldin, Shirley Henry, Carol McCloud, Ashley Grubbs, Big Joe Engineers: Boneman (RIP), Cory Mo, John Broussard Promotions and Marketing: Le'Andra Brown, Crystal Walters, Vinnie Clay, Joyce Landry, Tony Landry Live Sound Engineer: Doug, Pennock Melville, Keith Henry
Have you performed in front of an audience?
All the time!! All over The Southern Region of the U.S. Too many to mention!
Your musical influences
The sound of Collective Hallucination can be attributed to the many vast influences the band has from Prince to INXS, Incognito, Geoffery Williams, Nicole C. Mullen, Maysa, the Motown sound, many gospel and jazz artist as well as Public Enemy, Erykah Badu, TEXAS, Billie Holiday, The Roots, Tony Rich, Jamiroquai, Jesse Johnson, Sly Stone, Eric Benet, George Clinton, BB King, Elton John, Des'ree, The Staple Singers, Macy Gray, The Time, Loose Ends, Club Nouveau, Culture Club, Duran Duran, Soul II Soul, TTD aka Sanada, the great Carleen Anderson, Sandra St. Victor and a host of others. They also attribute the C.H. sound to each other's very vast, different backgrounds in music. The band is one of the best in their genre to come out of Houston in a long time. Des'ree rules!!!
What equipment do you use?
In studio or on stage?
Anything else?
We are humbled by all the fans new and old around the world. Without you there would be no us!