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Burning Aries
Burning Aries
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Beauty In The Ruin
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Little Abrasion
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Hell With You
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Break The Skin
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Band/artist history
hi im chris and im a singer/songwriter living in atlanta georgia...i play piano, guitar, drums, violin and sing...i actually do all styles of music but this profile is dedicated exclusively to my acoustic music. ive always had a love for songwriting and started writing songs and playing music at a very young age and spent most of my youth playing in multiple bands and doing small shows....but none of the bands ever seemed to work out, so i just decided to focus more on solo material... but then kind of accidently i started working with a hip hop group that my best friend and cousin was in called THE RIOT SQUAD..it began by me making a couple of beats and some music for them and it soon became apparent that my background as a multi instrumentalist gave a very unique sound to the songs so i ended up joining the group and i was responsible for making all the beats and producing all the music as well as doing the recording and engineering.....and eventually we finished our debut cd called "The Virgin Sacrifice" and had it professionally printed and pressed up. im extremely proud of that album and always will be also during this time i was in the process of recording a solo hip hop cd under the name CASEY WELLS featuring just me on all the songs...i produced and played all the music as well as did all the vocals (rapped) except when id have members of the Riot Squad drop by to lay a verse...the title of the cd was "Journal Of An Addict". i had a lot of fun working on the hip hop cds but it isnt the direction i ever wanted to continue going...im a singer/songwriter...to me there is nothing more pure than seeing an artist singing alone with just a guitar or a paino and holding an entire room captive..to me thats music and emotion in its purist form... i recently finished an acoustic cd entitled "Break The Skin"..its all acoustic with me singing and playing guitar...most of the tracks you see on this site and in the videos posted here are from that cd...if you're interested just let me know and i'll be more than happy to send you one for free im also working with a band now so the next album i do will be with a full band and im really excited about the songs ive written for it so far.. hope all of you like my songs and thanks for taking the time to stop by my page and check it out chris
Have you performed in front of an audience?
open mics, coffee shops, streets, anywhere i can get an audience of 1 or 100, doesnt matter to me
Your musical influences
guns n roses, nirvana, tori amos, sarah mclachlan, bright eyes, the cure, the verve, the doors, casey wells, and every singer/songwriter who has spent their entire life taking everything they have inside and using music as an outlet to express it
What equipment do you use?
mic and guitar
Anything else?
itunes: http://apple.co/2odzBmS Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2oAdKSX Amazon: http://amzn.to/2og0Nx8
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