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Leanne Pattinson
Leanne Pattinson
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Leanne Pattinson - solo artist who writes/produces synth laden pop!
I have been writing songs/music since about eight years old, heavily influenced by synth pop such as the Human League and pieces by Jean Michel Jarre. I realised at about fourteen that songs could be more interesting if I added lyrics and vocals, so I began to learn to sing. A self taught keyboard player, I made my venture into the world of computer orientated music in 1998, with a small gem of PlayStation software called Music! Then moving on to Cakewalk and eventually Sonar, my music has definately progressed over the years, along with my vocal skills and keyboard playing. My music is what you would describe as pop, loaded with synths.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I would love to tour my own songs around venues, and have currently been searching for a band to work with. The only experience I have had with a band is when I was at college for a brief period. The course I was doing required a group of us to perform songs on a band stand in our town center. From then and onwards I thought 'hey, I can really get a buzz out of this'
Your musical influences
Main musical influences include: Human League, Jean Michel Jarre, Keane, Goldfrapp, Eurythmics, Dido plus others (too many to list!)
What equipment do you use?
Adam A5X monitors, PC with Ableton Live, DX 27, Nexus, TAL UNO LX, Shure SM58, Roland DUO UA-22.
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