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Some Of That Ol' Sticky Icky Icky, OOH WEE!!!! HOLLLA AT ME CUHHH!!!
Get Uncle Charlie Wilson & Pharell on this one with Big Snoop DOGG & you got yo self a SMASH.
Dreamy introspective meets funk laced bass line..
"That's Some LA Sh*t"
Diamond in the back sunroof top, dig in the scene with the gangster lean.
think DeLaSoul, Foreign Exchange, Dilla, thats what I was going for here.
The Afterglow - Dreamy, Ethereal, Laid Back Hip Ho
Band/artist history
THE ANGELIC XPERIENCE may very well be popular music's last great hope. In times when watered down music is being thrown upon the masses, someone must reach deep within to attempt to preserve the art form, which they have become a part of, and one with. ANJALO aka the.angelic.xperience, a Los Angeles native born July 16, has been perfecting his musical talents since the early age of 6 when he began to study classical piano. While other kids played outside, Anjalo played with his Yamaha PSR keyboard, learning chord structures and creating sounds. By the age of 9, Anjalo discovered hip-hop, which at the time was raw, fresh, and totally new to the commercial world. Groups and artists like N.W.A, B.D.P., Public Enemy, Eric B. & Rakim were selling records at a furious rate, and were beginning to influence young Anjalo. After falling in love with this new phenomenon, Anjalo began to intertwine his piano skills with hip hop music, replaying by ear his favorite hits. By the age of 13, Anjalo decided it was time to pick up the Mic and start writing and performing rap lyrics, along with the melodic music he had began composing. He began writing songs and performing anywhere he could - open mics, talent shows, cyphers at high school - Anjalo was there, with his backpack on, spitting aggressive rhymes. Throughout his adolescent years, he continued to hone his talents as a producer/composer, using whatever music equipment he could afford to get his hands on. By the time Anjalo was a freshman at San Diego State University, he had reached a high level of confidence on stage, and continued to perform on campus at SDSU. College became his focus however, and a career in hip-hop was put on the back burner. In college Anjalo established himself as a talented poet, entering his poetry in school publications. Towards the end of his college career, after studying everything from Communications, Religious Studies, Psychology, and Sociology, Anjalo was ready to prepare hip-hop music that would reach, educate, and uplift all peoples, with a social agenda, at the same time, with exquisite beats and sophisticated lyrics. Throughout his underground career, Anjalo has produced, written, engineered, and mixed numerous recordings in hopes of sharing his gifts with the worlds masses. He began working in recording studios at age 14, (by saving money earned from taking out trash and organizing shopping carts at grocery store lots..) and remains a perfectionist when it comes to achieving that big, rich, full sound. Anjalo's recent projects include composing film score/serving as music supervisor for full length independent film projects "Pretty Lady" & "Las Vegas 2000", as well as performing a heart thumping score to multi selling rapper DMX's biographical documentary "Dark Man X". Anjalo is now solely focused on providing the musical landscapes and backdrops for other rappers, as well as R&B, pop, and electronica vocalists. He has of late added the electric guitar and bass to his heavily synth-based sound , providing him a greater landscape of sound, and diverse garnishments for various musical styles such as new wave, pop, rock, 80's and funk. He is the son of renown legendary drummer, Robin Russell of 70's Funk/Soul band The Nite Liters/ TheNewBirth, Little Richard & Sylvester - the rhythm has been with him from conception. Read up on Robin's contribution to music here: https://www.moderndrummer.com/2007/10/robin-russell/ Sample Robin Drumming in Los Angeles's Griffith Park Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTatGUFlniY Anjalo's underground solo works released on the streets of Los Angeles in the mid 2000's, "Forbidden Scriptures", & "The Essence", contain the songs "Heaven Sent", "H.E.R", & "Sad Little Guy", featuring heartfelt, honest, witty lyrics, straight from the heart. DOWNLOAD & check out those songs here: https://anjalo.bandcamp.com/ TODAY, he strives to compose and produce compositions and songs that will make you want to dance, as well as ponder questions about life's meaning and purpose, our creator, and the state of the world in which we live. An emotional and heartfelt composer who possesses the producers ear, and the knack for funky sounds - the ANGELIC XPERIENCE is ready to take popular music into the atmosphere - and beyond.
Your musical influences
PRINCE...(..and all associated acts - The Revolution, Wendy&Lisa, Dez Dickerson, The Time, Renato Neto, Rhonda Smith, NPG etc.), DR. DRE (& all producers that have worked under his tutelage (Focus.., Mel-Man, Chris The Glove, Budd'a, Daz, Dawaun Parker to name a few,) Sade, Isley Brothers, Bernie Worrell, DJ Quik, Sting and The Police, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Shock-G (Digital Underground), Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Hazel (Funkadelic Guitarist), Robert "Fonksta" Bacon, Carlos Santana, Mtume, Jay-Dilla, Q-Tip & The Ummah, D'Angelo, The Roots, No-ID, Pete Rock, Supa Dave West, DJ Premier, Timbaland, Pharell, Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, RZA, Mystic - and all purists/producers & true musicians- who do this becuase this is what and who they r.
What equipment do you use?
Piano Yamaha Motif M Audio Axiom 49 Fender Purple P Jazz Bass (tinker) Reason Reaper Studio One Former Equipment Used - Akai MPC60II, MPC2000XL, Cool Edit Pro 2.0, MTV Music Generator, & Pause Tapes (if u know, u know..)
Anything else?
on a path 2 enlightenment. come join me.
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