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Just one man trying to express himself throughout his own journey of self discovery. Truth.
Heyo bruddas and sisters. It's Truth from the Mile High City, Colorado, 303. This game is my life fam, I don't think you know. I know and I see people all the time who talk about this being their life, and spend maybe 10% of their time in the lab. Believe this, since I started making music that I thought was good enough to listen to, I've been in the lab almost everyday making a new beat, or writing a new song. This is all I have, and this is all I want. I have no job, no school, no chance in the "real world". I've been rapping for 4 years, but I've been dedicated to becoming some type of musician since I can remember. First it was band in elementary school, next it was choir in high school. Then, I started playing the drums, and ended up joining a Pop Punk band named 10 Bucks Short. That was great for the short time it existed. Now, I'm making some of the best hip hop coming out of the midwest. And in my opinion, the best locally produced music in the 303. Maybe not production values, I mean all my music is made on a MacBook with GarageBand, but musically and lyrically. This is my life, and I pray that it shows. Thanks alot for lending me an eye and an ear, Love Life.
Band/artist history
From the earliest age, all I've ever wanted to do was be a professional musician. I was on stage when I was a kid, and loved it. Since, then, I've never had a problem being on stage, that experience has served me well. When I was in elementary school I was in the top band in the school. When I got to high school, I was in the best choir in the school. In that time, I was learning the fundamentals needed to know this craft. High school also brought my favorite thing into my life, my drum set. Oh my God, when it was set up I played them every single day. Please believe the beat runs through me. This also served me well. After high school I thought I'd try to get out there, and joined a band named 10 Bucks Short. We were a really good band with a good sound. Unfortunately, personal problems pulled us apart. Still though, working as the front man for a band was a good experience, it served me well. I've always loved hip hop, but never saw myself as a rapper when I was younger. But one summer, I did alot of drugs and listened to alot of Atmosphere, and I mean LISTENED to alot of Atmosphere. Their sickness inspired me to try it myself. Once I got a hold of some production software, it was on. My first song was called Fakehood, and it was so much fun to make from scratch. Instrumentals, verse, hook, loving it. Now it seems like I'm making new tracks every couple days, and these new ones are fire. Radio ready if the radio was ready, but for now, ya'll can enjoy them here.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Of course I play live. Not only solo, but with my crew Everyday Ritual. I've played at Cervante's, Quixote's, The Aztlan, Toad Tavern, Club Pure, Climax Lounge, The Grange, and a parking lot in the middle of BFE, good people though. I've performed so many times through my life, stage presence is a definite strength of mine. ER was part of a state wide, multi-genre Battle of the Bands with over 200 bands and made it to the finals. Not bad, ya? Never has ER or myself ever let down a crowd. Live shows are you're only face to face interaction with your audience, in my opinion, it's the most important part of being a professional musician. Those people deserve your full commitment, their hard earned money is supporting my existence, and I feel that. The best show I ever threw was at Quixote's. The show was supposed to be at Cervante's, but somebody big came through and wanted it so they got it. No worries, the crowd came over with us, and was pretty damn decent, especially in the intimate setting of Quixote's. Rock the show, hard, and when it was over, the MC of the whole thing said basically, "I've been hosting shows for over 20 years, and this group right here is the sickest local hip hop I have ever heard". I lost it, my crew lost it, the crowd lost it. That was the happiest moment of my life probably. Smoked a blunt on the way home and after partied like we do. Loving Life.
Your musical influences
I am a lover of all kinds of music. Of course hip hop, Atmosphere, J5, Blackalicious, Mos Def, and the list goes on and on. But I really love everything. Incubus is one of my favorite bands because they are so original and passionate. I love chillin back and listening to some Jack Johnson or John Mayer. I can get down to any kind of music. But I gotta say, the rap music thats coming out lately is an embarrassment to the legacy of hip hop. Not to say all the music coming out lately is bad, but most the songs I hear on the radio or see on MTV is just pathetic. It sounds like the lyrics were written by someone with a learning disabilty, and the beats sound like they were made by little kids who just got the first beat machine. Theres so much good music out there, but its sometimes overshadowed by all glitz and glam of major label advertising.
What equipment do you use?
Just my computer. I have a couple different programs, and a mic. Real basic, but its all I need right now.
Anything else?
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