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Techno trance pop rock punk Matt Savage Trevor Squibb millencolin deftones hardhouse hard core happy hardcore bloodhound gang metal laying naked go baby fuck
The Earthlings Consist of Two Core Members Matt Savage and Trevor Squibb. The Genre has evolved over time, and as well, it still is. Techno/rap/retro/rock in to one master piece one at a time. Curently The Earthlings are in the Recording studio finishing up their First 10 Track Album due out september 1st. After the CD release they will be playing 1-5 shows per week. Mostly Butte county. The Earthlings have special Guests on the CD -Poster Child- Malibu Mike - LoGain-HopeAngel- and JoHannaH. The Earthlings Influences are several. two many to say, but they love Millencolin, Deftones, and alot of techno artists. Live Shows consist of alot of danceing, and alot of big equipment to make that huge sound that makes You want to dance. To say what the Earthlings are really about is FUN and Goodtimes. Live shows audience participation is a must. Always people danceing on stage, claping and singing along.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we play live all over butte county. Love playing, every show has its own greatness.
Your musical influences
Punk artists : Millencolin, No use for a name, and Bloodhound gang Techno artists: Darude, Kreo, Haddaway, and many others. Metal: deftones
What equipment do you use?
Marshall, Korg, Planet waves, dunlop, Shure, Alesis, Dell, Martin, Ibanez, presonus, and Behringer