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Virtual Preserve
Virtual Preserve
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An eclectic, international meeting of minds.....and fingers (musically speaking)
The Virtual Preserve was created in late 2005 as a international online jamming group for some guys who posted regularly on the newsgroup alt.guitar.beginner The band has moved on to create some pretty good music. Check it all out on the music page. Band members Angof - Lead, Rhythm, Vocals, Synths Dave Van - Lead and Rhythm Double D - Drums, vocals Grunt - Bass, Rhythm No66y - Lead and Rhythm Socalsteve - Lead and Rhythm
Band/artist history
The band was created by Angof, No66y, Davevan and Socalsteve. They were lucky to add to the mix Double D on drums and Grunt as the Bass Guitar section.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We'd love to play live but we live thousands of miles away from each other!
Your musical influences
The band have an eclectic mix of influences, so we'll see what comes on out in the wash! We sit mostly in Blues and Rock but the mix of personalities brings out some really interesting music.
What equipment do you use?
As we are an exclusively online band everything we do is recorded to PC. The tracks we create are shared around via a central ftp site. We use programs like Audacity and Adobe Audition to create and mixdown tracks. More recently some of us have been experimenting with MIDI and synthesisers to expand our musical repertoire.
Anything else?
"Umm we're in it for the music, man." Isnt that what old muso's are supposed to say? Nah seriously, if you want to know anything why not leave a message on our message board or email us.
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