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C Norden
C Norden
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Swedish guitarist, keyboardist, singer, songwriter and composer of melodic pop/rock/jazz songs and instrumental music.
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Fall into her arms
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I see you travelling
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Conclusion Time
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Swedish guitarist, keyboardist, singer, songwriter and composer of melodic pop/rock/jazz songs and instrumental music.
Band/artist history
Got my first guitar when I was seven. Started to play pop music, then went into classical and studied it for 10 years. Studied also piano 3 years. Started writing my own songs and music around the age of 15 and began making home productions.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nowadays not. At university I performed with my own songs at various occasions, which was fun and rewarding. After the university years, I enjoyed for some time to perform at private or company parties but in the end I got tired of the role as "entertainer". So I stopped, but I have kept playing and practicing for myself all the time since then.
Your musical influences
My first influences came from Swedish, British and American pop of the 60's. Then a bit of classical music, mainly through my guitar studies. During the 70's then: all the progressive rock and selected songwriters - in particular Al Stewart. In the 80's I turned to jazz rock and jazz fusion, and again some more classical music. Some important famous musicians: Al Stewart, Michael Franks and Cat Stevens for songs. Pat Metheny, Jan Akkerman (Focus) for guitar and instrumental tunes
What equipment do you use?
You will hear in my music: authentic classic, 12-stringed, and electric guitars, and piano. Drums, bass, strings etc are virtual instruments. The "vintage" production was produced with home recording technology of the 70-80s. For the recent productions I've used first N-track with various VST instruments, then switched to Garageband with its' built-in instruments.
Anything else?
About my ambitions: I try to compose melodic and relaxing, yet interesting, music. That is, the songs should have variation and details that "pop out", but also fit together in a smooth completeness. I am first of all a guitar player but I want to play all other instruments with a noticeable skill too. I refrain from editing anything more complicated on the computer than I would be able to play live. I want to sing in tune of course... And with some sentiment. This is difficult for me, but I am not after strong emotional expression anyway. I believe I sound a bit personal and I can just hope that it also sounds appealing. Should be memorable and make sense, and make good use of the language. I like to pick up little events or observations in everyday life and around them I spin some fantasies, daydreams or reflections. I like songs that bring a conclusion, or a truth of some kind. See also: My . My