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Nate and the Musically Talented Robot Monkeys
Nate and the Musically Talented Robot Monkeys
3 Tracks
a 14 year old that makes some awesome music. why don't you take a listen?
Hi there! This band consists of the following: Nate Hand (guitar, drums, production), caffeine (keeping the Nate awake), and annoying people (for inspiring my music).
Band/artist history
Here is the story of NatMTRM: There once was a boy named Nate. Nate had a brother named Dave (Agoozle). Dave made music. Nate wanted to also. Nate wanted to play drums at the age of 12. Nate started playing drums. Nate got good at drums. At the age of 12, Nate tried to play Dave's guitar. Nate fell in love with guitar that day. Nate then was determined to be a guitarist. Nate joined a band with Tyler Hennessey as a drummer. Tyler had been playing for a year. Tyler wasn't really that good to be honest. Nate quit the band because Nate wanted to play guitar. Nate then got back together with Tyler Hennessey and Josh Stell (new member) to form Humor of our Dying Society. That didn't work our b/c of the lack of creativity on Tyler's part and Josh was unavailable most of the time. Dave then shared with me the wonders of creating your own music without having to do things another persons way. NatMTRM was then born.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No. I dont have any songs recorded yet and i need another member (or two) to recreate my songs live.
Your musical influences
My musicical influence comes from metalcore but traces of Muse and 311 can be found in my music.
What equipment do you use?
a Jackson JS20 Dinky guitar, a MT-2 Metal Zone Pedal, a Crate GLX65 Amp, and a Yamaha electric drum set.
Anything else?
Y'know, I really like cheese.
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