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Georgia Attitude
Georgia Attitude
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G.A. (Georgia Attitude) 912 raised!!!! G.A. (Georgia Attitude) is the definition of the city of Hinesville Georgia. Fighting to put his city on the map, G.A. is currently making moves on his own. Contacting DJ's, getting on mixtapes and hooking up with many artists around the south to create a major buzz. He has learned in this game that there are no hand outs and if you want something, you have to go and get it. With that said, he has put his GRIND and his HUSTLE together to create "GRUSTLE". A term he and many other people use to describe how they approach the music business and everyday life. (quote)" Ima go and get dat, aint no nigga finna come to me wit a million dollaz, like here u go G.A., so ima go and get dat shyt. WATCH ME"(quote) He is determined to make it in the business of Music and nothing will stop him from doing just that. He is a Money Go Getter!!!! "Yea i like to get money, das my main focus and aint no nigga finna stop me from gettin it, and i get it tha legal way" He is A true definition of a hustler!!!! Now when you think of hustling and hear the word "Hustle", you immediately come to the conclusion that there are drugs involved but your not absolutely correct. Hustling is a spirit that is mostly spread out in urban communities to reach for the stars and capture dreams way beyond your reach. To hustle is to put mind body and soul into working to your fullest ability to get what you want by what ever means necessary! but on the other hand hustling is also a concept taken in on a more negative level, where today's youth is wrapped up into heavily. G.A. is one artist who grew up in the trap and surrounded by the trap niggas, the J's (Fiends), and the inner city violence, but has choose to take the legal path of the hustle. "(quote) yea, one a my patnas might have anythang from dope, weed, pills, damn, lower tabs, or anythang else u ca thank of, and i might be standin right next to my nigga, and while he doin wat he doin, im doin wat im doin, sellin cd's or suttin. Shyt, errbody gon find wat they wanna do in life and do it no matter what u tell em, thas wat they wanna do. he gon do wat he gon do and ima do me, and ima still stay down wit my nigga and hold em down, and if im eva in tha position, i will take a charge fa my nigga, thas jus how im is, a Real Nigga!!!. The game is a TRAP shawty, one way in and one way out" G.A. is currently focusing on a mixtape entitled" Welcome To Tha Street Vol.1". On this Mixtape, he will take u thru tha in's and out's of the street and the trap, He will give u that Georgia Attitude, that 912 street talk, and at the same time, he will make u bounce in and out the club, and give u a cd that u ca ride out too. " Look, Ima Boss At Dis Shyt Man, aint nobody fuckin wit me, and thas how i feel. I Am G.A., the king of my own shyt, " He feels like he is someone that can make dat move from underground to televsion by touching everybody with his word play and delivery, he is a Monster over these beats, " shyt gimmie a beat and 15 minutes and i ca show u better than i ca tell ya homeboi (REAL TALK)". With that said, Welcome To Tha Street Vol.1 is Comming Soon!!!!!! (TrapTime2006) and he will shock the world when he drops this mixtape: That is Promised" " Ima Boss at dis shyt Man, I cant be stopped!!!!! (R.I.P. Camoflauge) For Booking or Anything else- Call G.A. personally -- (912) 980 2419 or email him at gametime912@yahoo.com HE ALSO HAS A RIM SHOP Phat City Customs (Wheels and Sound) is the best place to shop for your Rims, Tires, Car Audio, and all of your other Car needs. With the lowest prices on the gulf coast, we are making things happen for YOU, and we are not breakin your neck with prices. We have the best wheel packages and guarantee the best deals!!! Come and check us out. Phat City Customs (Wheels and Sound) Located In Fort Walton Beach Fl. 4 Williams St. (Across From Tops Hamburgers) Across From Tops Hamburgers on Beal Pkwy Open Monday Thru Friday- 10:00am to 5:00pm Saturday 10:00am to 3:00pm Phone And Contact Info G.A. Cell- (912) 980 2419 Derrick Cell- (850) 232 3769 Call Or Come By, we at Phat City Customs will have you riding like the best of them!!!!
Band/artist history
Been me since 87, ima be me till i die!!!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes i play live, get wit my managment team and we will make it happen. Call Chris Or Kathy Williams at--(850) 292 6823 or (850) 453 0074.
Your musical influences
My self, Goodie Mob, Outkast, T.I., UGK, Eightball and MJG, Scareface, 2pac, Nas, Ice Cube, and alot of other people that are very smart business and musical wise.
What equipment do you use?
Cubase, Pro Tools, and other studio equipment.
Anything else?
"Its my time and im takin err second of it" G.A.
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