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-( STRiCT )- MD
-( STRiCT )- MD
38 Tracks
Just me, but to break it down: Vocals - STRiCT (Zeb on Corporate Government) Left Guitar - STRiCT Right Guitar - STRiCT Bass Guitar - STRiCT Drums - STR
Just a guy who would make some tunes to occupy his time. Its not always a consistant style, its just whatever came out of the guitar or whatever I'm playing at that time. I only know the basics about guitar and I taught myself bass from that. I dont do solos or other complicated things because my retard hands can't keep up. Basically I license my music like the GNU license. Its free, you can do whatever with it, but just let me know what you are going to do with it and give me some cred. Not that anyone would really want to bother with my piddly crap when theres gold-a-plenty on this site. I do/did this for fun, never for profit. Most of the songs were made in a matter of hours and I have very little music theory knowledge so I keep them short. I'm not looking to make money, just make music. Anyway, all the stuff is going on 10 years old and its never really seen the light of day save for a few family and friends--now its here for your analytical abuse! So please, leave me some feedback, good or bad. I just want to know what people think.
Band/artist history
Locally born and raised, yet I've seen the greater part of the continental united states and parts of Canada. As a kid I had a quick foray with guitar lessons but was too lazy to actually put forth effort to learn things that didn't instantly gratify me. So i quit and just kinda taught myself from there. I am left handed but learned to play right-handed style. I got somewhat good at figuring out riffs by ear when tab wasn't available, and could play quite a few songs, but I dont remember much from my lessons so I hardly even know what string is what note. I would just shred what comes naturally. Later I came across a bass guitar and just applied what I knew. I know its wrong conventionally but I say fuck it. I just wanted a low end to accompany my left and right guitar tracks. I also fucked around with a drum set for a while but being they weren't exactly my drums, and I am left handed I again taught myself to play on a right-handed setup. Although I do use the left hand on the hi-hat, its just my arms arn't crossed while playing. Being left handed and learning everything right handed I think seriously fucks you up at some point. I can master alot of the rudimentary skills of playing but I think to really break into the next level I would have to re-learn everything left-handed style which is a little bit too much of a re-investment for me. I guess another way of looking at that last statement is my shit has a kind of unique quality.... At least I like it. I had gotten a GSP-21 PRO for guitar effects and whatnot and I would either hook it to an amp and run a microphone to the pc, or just plug the line-out directly to the line-in on my sound card. I started recording to my computer back in 95-96 using simple wav editors. I would use a simple drum machine program (back then it was all MIDI) and play guitar over it, recording the resulting mix to the pc. I would usually have the guitar in left channel and the drums on the right, keeping them seperated. Because I was using nothing but a simple wav editor that came free with my pc, I would use the wav pattern of the drums to mark the timing for me to cut, copy and paste my creation. It was a painstaking process and seems retarded now with all the new software out there. I moved into using programs like Sound Forge and Acid later and thats when things really moved into high gear.. Unfortunatly I lost alot of the projects I had going in a hardware failure and did not have a backup. Some of the ones that survived are posted here and the others I have are available on request.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playing live could be possible once they make a time machine. Then I can be in multiple places at once and play backup for myself.
Your musical influences
Meshuggah, Crowbar, Pantera, Slayer, Vomitron, A Life Once Lost, Vader, Unearth, Testament, Shadows Fall, Sepultura, Pro-Pain, Minibosses, Manntis, Lamb of God, Kadmium, Fear Factory, Everyday Hate, Encryption, Earth Crisis, Crisis, Cannibal Corpse, Cryptopsy, Kalibas, Byzantine, Blood Red Throne, Bolt Thrower, All That Remains, Am I Blood, Pissing Razors and Sinister, NOFX, Rich Kids on LSD, Pennywise, Bad Religion, D.R.I., Eighth Ground, Green Day, Goldfinger, Green Jellö, Strung Out, Jughead's Revenge, No Use For A Name, The Offspring, A Fire Inside, Operation Ivy, Rancid, One King Down, Propaghandi, The Refused, Snot, The Vandals, and Voodoo Glow Skulls
What equipment do you use?
Washburn, ESP, GSP21-Pro, Asus, Creative, Pearl, Acid, SoundForge, Audacity, Percussion Studio, misc drum samples, etc...
Anything else?
I've tried to put as much info about each track as I could remember. But being that they are getting old, I can't remember as much as I would like. While listening to a song, be sure to click on the lyrics/story and see whats up!
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