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sLd Production
sLd Production
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To all who may not know, my name is TomAnd and I currently make some different kinds of mesh-ups. I try to be original and at the same time i give it that familiar feel so you don't feel lost. I have loved music from day one and have always had a desire to be creative in one form of music or another. I used to DJ, but now I'm into to doing mesh-ups and making my on music. Seeking to enroll in an Audio Engineering course so I can get some answers to those questions that has everyone hung up. Born and breed Detroit, MI. Motown as some would call it, but I now reside in the home of Jazz and House. I live in the northern part of Illinois. I follow all genre of music, as I also fill the bill of producer. You can find my music at: www.sLdProduction.tk
Band/artist history
My history is this, I was raised in a Gospel church where I loved the music. I then started DJ'ing with a friend of mine during the progressive era. I ook many years of to find out what it meant to be an adult. And Now I'm back combining my out with your new, which is mostly my old, to come up with a smyphony of sounds.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At the current time I am not doing live sets, but there will be live electronic shows in the future. It's awesome what you can do with a single beat.
Your musical influences
As I states earlier, it all started with Gospel music and grow from there. I would to say Prince, because of his lack of fear to being different then anything else out there. Run DMC for being the fore-fathers of rap. It's rough when your all alone. And I have to add Marvin Gaye for showmanship. You must remember I am from Motown so that old Motown feel from Barry Gordy will always be home for me.
What equipment do you use?
I currently use Sony ACID Pro 6, Fruity Loops 6 Producer Edition, Adobe Audtion 1.5, Various plug-ins and Vsti. I also use a midi in/midi out keyboard and an acoustic guitar, which plug into my computer through my Soundblaster Audiogy 4 sound card, which supplies sound to my 5.1 surround speaker system attached to my computer.