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Sean Campbell
Sean Campbell
1 Track
Energetic, Sonically Dynamic Rock & Roll For The New Millennium.
Welcome to Sean Campbell's soundclick home page. If you enjoy listening to angry people screaming at you , you'll have to look elsewhere. If your looking for Energetic, Sonically Dynamic Rock & Roll For The New Millennium you've come to the right place.
Band/artist history
Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Sean Campbell sensed as early as the tender age of one that such a tiny state would never be able to sustain his profound talent and immense ambition. A convincing little tyke, he persuaded his single mother to sell the familys goat milking business, load up the old jalopy, and head west to the promised land. With visions of swimming pools and movie stars in their heads, the two motored across the vast American continent. After settling down on the rough streets of Beverly Hills, Sean became convinced that he was the reincarnation of a black blues piano player from Louisiana. He begged and pleaded for piano lessons so that he could live out his destiny, but after only one lesson, Sean realized that he was mistaken. Furthermore, he decided that surfing was a whole lot cooler than piano. Besides, chicks seemed to dig the wetsuits and Sex Wax. If not for a random coincidence, Sean may never have started playing music. Lucky for the music world, however, Sean left his bachelor pad one afternoon and set out to visit a friend. Seans friend wasnt around, but his roommate answered the door playing a black and white Telecaster guitar. Cool guitar, Sean said. Want to buy it? asked his friends roommate. At first Sean said no, but after giving it a bit more thought, he decided that buying a guitar was exactly what he should do. After all, he was a world class Nintendo athlete at the time, with fingers so nimble they were sure to maneuver a fret board with agility and ease. Sean decided to treat himself to a gift that day. He sold his Nintendo and immediately started teaching himself to play guitar. While working at Sony Music, Sean serendipitously met the late Jeff Powell, who at that time was playing bass in Dr. Whisky, a band fronted by Axl Roses younger brother. What began as acoustic guitar and harmonica jams quickly evolved into serious song writing sessions. It wasnt long before Sean had generated a serious body of work and went into a recording studio to lay down the tracks. Sean was really beginning to mature as a creative force, and the tracks he produced were received with tremendous fanfare. Even Axl would joke that he wanted to steal the song Plastic Love Doll. Sean has learned his craft not as a tutored paint-by-numbers musician, but rather as a self taught realist with a love of good songs. His guitar and keyboard playing blend with his easily identifiable vocal style to create an extremely attractive package that will appeal to a wide audience. Ultimately, these printed words mean nothing unless the music is as good or greater. Sean knows this to be true and welcomes the challenge.
Your musical influences
I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Who, Rush, Jimi Hendrix and the Doors. Then Gravitated towered the music of Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Janes Addiction.
What equipment do you use?
Les Paul Plugged into a Marshal Stack