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Ink Brethren
Ink Brethren
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crazygood improvisational songwriting
You're Not Welcome Into This Century
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Are There Things Living In Your Braids
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All of a Sudden My Friend Is Bleeding
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Paddleboat Towards Destiny
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so, is a group in portland, oregon. we meet about every three weeks and do a little improv songwriting. basically, whatever is caught on tape from when we hit play until we hit stop is what our songs are made of. we start out with yelling out (from off the top of our heads) the names of titles of the songs we're going to write. and then someone picks one and tells us what they want it to sound like. and then they pick someone to start singing and then we start the recording. NOTE: If you want a taste of Ink Brethren without listening to all OVER 100 songs (even though they're all worth listening to...), here are some of our favorites (not in any particular order): , Steal My Birthday, , , Get off my Back Cougar, Prickly Parachute, Don't Forget the Meds, Jam or Jelly, Brown Squid, You can Spend the Night, , Mint Medley, That's a Great Shirt Actually, Power Point....................Just listen to all of them.... the songs on here are by session. at the top of the song list will be the most recent session. and the songs of each session are sometimes in the order they were recorded. we're not totally sure of some of the song titles, but hopefully it will be figured out soon. HERE'S WHAT NESSIE LOOKS/LOOKED LIKE..CLICK ON PICTURES TO READ AN AMAZING ARTICLE..
Band/artist history
so, january 22, 2006 or so some friends met in a basement and recorded some improv songs in about 35 minutes. *Ink Brethren is now 1 Year Old!!* PAST PARTICI-PANTS: Abbi, Angie, Anita, Annie, Autumn, Brennan, Bryan, Carlye, Chris, Corey, Dannielle, Drew, Elisha, Graham, Jamie, Jason, Jason M, Jerry, Jody, Jody's friends, Joel, Jonathan, Karleena & Tyler, Kelli, Kenny, Kristen, Landon, Laura, Lori, Mary, Matt B, Matt Z, Mick, Mimi, Panther, Rachel, Ryan, Ryan K, Sara, Seth, Steve, Sylvia, Ted, Todd, Travis, Vegan Joe Riot, Zion and other people, too! (And everyone from the San Antonio session)
Your musical influences
we look up to
What equipment do you use?
banjo, guitar, harmonica, electric guitar, kid's drums, kid guitars, keyboards of all kinds, kazoos of all different octaves, our clapping hands, any noise we can make with our mouths, xylophones, a hair dryer, banjolin, shakers, broken violin, random flute type things, rainstick, bike bells, circuit-bent toys, new years noise makers, phone conversations, pretty much whatever is there that makes noise is cool with us.
Anything else?
and the INK BRETHREN sessions on here are: So Sue Me 6/17/07 (it's not actually up yet) Scream Up a Storm 5/27/07 found session: Dagnabbit (sometime in 06) Hug a Tree 4-22-07 Crack Factory 3-18-07 Just Fake It 1-21-07 The Big Bashed 1-1-07 Come Down and Get it Yourself 12-31-06 (special New Years Eve session!) Fridge Too Far 11-12-06 San Antonio (just a few songs from the session) 11-06 What do You Look Like, Nessie?- 10-8-06 Get off My Back, Cougar- 9-17-06 Blame it on the Maine- 8-27-06 Love is a Bright Sun- ?? 2006 Jesus Turned the Tables/40 o'clock- ??2006 Shun Me-1-22-06 (we're still looking for at least 3 more sessions that are somewhere!) PS: If anyone's wondering, most of the pics for the songs are from googling the song titles and seeing what comes up...
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