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Fame, Alternative Hip Hop, Jersey City, Phreeze Phrame, Brazen, Knotty Fabrics, Lupe, kanye, Mos Def, Talib Qweli, trip hop
" Fame is a new breed of rapper: the total package. His lyrical content, emotional delivery and authenticity distinguishes Fame from the average emcee. Fame hails from the heart of Jersey City, NJ and has worked on establishing the foundation of his career. In the underground Jersey City hip-hop circuit he is referred to as the up-and-coming pride of Jersey City. Expanding his notoriety from NJ, Fame began to perform at various venues ranging from New York to Atlanta. The former member of the critically acclaimed rap super group The Steel Curtain performed for a sold-out crowd in Maryland, opening up for Grammy nominated artist Camron. Fame also has experience with smaller audiences by winning many rap battles and having a perfect talent show case at New Yorks Urban Idolz Showcase in the fall. Fame, whose name is an acronym for Follow All My Examples, is far from arrogant as his name might suggest. He is humble college graduate with immense talent displayed through impromptu freestyling and creative, thoughtful song writing. Since rapping at the young age of 11, Fame has developed his craft that has sincerity and realism lacking from most of todays artists. He creates songs that any listener will respond and relate to with genuine lyrics and superb storytelling. Fame is the total package of an artist embodying drive, hard-work, determination and above all talent. With production from well known underground producers Dhype and P, DJ Dyce, Jicly, Phreeze Phrame and Brazen Beats, his songs are already a favorite among the 18-22 collegiate demographic. It is obvious to see that if he continues on this path, Fame will surely live up to his name. " -words by Mike Brown the REMIX
Band/artist history
2004 - "On Top Of My Game" Demo 2006 - "In Stereo" full lengthDisc
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I perform at every open venue. I frequent the Keyhole Underground, which is a live undergorund peotry and hip hop spot in Jersey City. I also do live online radio shows and college appearances! My largest show was before a sold out crowd in the Cordts Center Arena, where me and my team opened for Camron and the Dipset.
Your musical influences
I am influenced strongly by the Wu Tang era as well as Eric B. and Rakim. I try to channel Big Daddy Kane when I'm tellin my smooth stories, his brovado is fresh! My brother put me on to the old school when I was coming up and taught me appreciation for the craft. He had me listening to Lords of the Underground and Leaders of the New School. Im a young dude but I'm bumping Nice and Smooth in my whip right now. LOL. My first two tapes ever were Method Man's Tical and Biggie's Ready to Die. I played them back to back all day. I feel I started with good roots. Bustah Rhymes' Extinction Level Event opened my eyes to the highest potential of creativity in rap and after that the rest is history!!
What equipment do you use?
Macbook pro 15.4 inch Sony Vaio RX260DS Cool Edit pro Proo Tools
Anything else?
Be original and support originality. Peace.
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