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Stridor Absonus
Stridor Absonus
3 Tracks
STRIDOR ABSONUS - hellish experimental sounds
Post Silvam
Peak in sub-genre #29
Mors Solis
Peak in sub-genre #42
Obscuro in Itinere Solus
Peak in sub-genre #47
Band/artist history
Stridor Absonus comes from nowhere. And goes nowhere. This entity only exists to show humanity its final fall into an abyss made of nothing but darkness and desperation. The first steps are taken in 2003, with the demo A Distant Journey into a Bleak Mind. Stridor Absonus didnt wait to make the most original music ever heard. Since from this short demo, the sounds of this sick project have no comparisons with any other. Talking about a hellish dark ambient with noise influences and a will to experiment beyond any limit would be too reductive. Here is written the end of an entire age. In 2004 the times are ready to release the first self-produced album, Porta Tenebrarum ac Omnium Dolorium. Six song, six degrees in a descent to the dephts of hell with no return. The music proposed here is an infernal mix of dark ambient, with haunting sounds, scary melodies and distorted instruments, and nightmarish noise, creating the vision of the darkest of hells. Out from any cliché, this first effort shows a great personality and independence from any "scene". The first step to the absurd darkness of the following two albums. In Noctibus Sine Luna is the second lenghty nightmare, released in late 2004. With this album Stridor Absonus creates a unique noise symphony which will take the listener into the deepest corners of the mind. Impossible to describe with words - no comparison between Stridor Absonus and other artists can be made: an astounding originality is the main feature of this great work. The album is made up of two parts, each one is divided in several one-minute-long sections. The idea which lies behind this album is the death of every dream: man is not able to dream anymore - only nightmares remain. The Moon, positive symbol of a magic world, disappears: we have the nights without moon which the title is about. The worst nightmares are transposed into music here: no one can escape from this final picture of destruction. Stridor Absonus definitive masterpiece (till next) is In Diebus Sine Sole, released in 2005. This is the final destination of human race: "In Diebus Sine Sole" carries on the concept of "In Noctibus Sine Luna". After the dreams at nights have died, and only nightmares are left, also the Sun, representing life and light, disappears from the soul of man - once and for all. This astounding opus of experimental music is something never heard before. The first track (very lenghty: over 40 min.) is entirely made of cerebral waves - to penetrate into human mind as never done before. The avangardistic sound picture is prosecuted by the other two monoliths: "Vacuum Absonum" (music from an age after the apocalypse), and the final "Mors Solis", which developes through various atmospheres and comes to put a definitve tombstone upon the Sun. Forever. The tentacles of Stridor Absonus are blasting every life form, turning anything into nothing but dust. The following steps are going to be even harsher.
Your musical influences
It is music never heard. However, first attempts could be compared to late Abruptum and MZ412
What equipment do you use?
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