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I am an artist who likes to surround himself with different vibes. I like to make music based on what feelings it gives the person listening. I try to induce an
Pezimistik Performing Live @ The Roxy Theatre
Soaring From The Mile High City, underground musician Pezimistik speaks a story from different views and perspectives that help capture a wide variety of fans in not only possibly listening, but taking part and indulging into the music. The Santa Fe born artist started his career June 30, 2006 where he lived in Thornton, a city based out of the Denver metro area. He began writing and rapping off various beats from many producers from around the globe. However, being unable to obtain full copyrights, he still wrote constantly and collaborated with many other rappers to push for promotion in creating a fan base. He completed his first mix-tape, Survival Of The Fittest which was released March 2007. His first full length CD showed he had much needed potential in the business, but a long way to go in order to prove himself worthy of prime artists. Stubborn to giving up, Pezimistik quickly dropped his second mix-tape before 2007 ended by releasing The Truth Behind Lies Mixtape in November. Making a statement that the only thing that limits an artist is himself, he also made it known how much of a threat he could be in the rap game, and proving he wasn't taking being a musician lightly. The young artist's career was taking off. By 2008, he was producing his own instrumentals that would soon lead to official copyrighted albums. In 2009 he claimed another part of muzik mixing down his first Techno track and attending scenes of the raving world. He is CEO and President of Eternal Entity Entertainment that he founded in July 2011 after events that led him to be a soloist artist. Pez has been through different obstacles and has accomplished many things from the five and a half years of muzik. Throughout it, he has performed live on stage countless times. He has experience in various environments within the music scene. From opening acts for NB Ridaz, Trae The Truth, Bizzy Bone, VenomiZ, Boondox and playing live under major venues that included Black Pegasus, D'Elite Soldier, and Mike D Chill he also includes himself in being a freestyle performer. Determined to make it back to where he was, and even more determined to ring a voice to the world, Pezimistik Will Stop At Nothing. Are You Ready? Eternal Entity Entertainment Presents: *Pezimistik - Resurrection Of The Forgotten Legacy* -Official Album- Special Guests: Die Inevitable Toon Albeez 4 Sheez Schipes Tega And Murder Mansin http://pezimistik.bandcamp.com/album/resurrection-of-the-forgotten-legacy also check out Pezimistiks first official techno album. As The Stars Collide With Earth His first ever techno album FREE STREAM AND DOWNLOAD only at www.soundcloud.com/pezimistik PEZIMISTIK ON FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/pezimistikoftheentity FOLLOW PEZIMISTIK ON TWITTER www.twitter.com/pezimistik PEZIMISTIKS FIRST TWO MIXTAPES ARE AVALIABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD Take a listen OR take your pick of tracks from the mixtapes pezimistik has released. Survival Of The Fittest Mixtape (STFM) and The Truth Behind Lies Mixtapes (TBLM) are located in the 'Music Page' avaliable for single track downloading or streaming. FOR MORE AND NEWEST DETAILED, INFORMATION, AND RELEASES CHECK OUT THESE IMPORTANT SITES www.facebook.com/Pezimistik www.reverbnation.com/pezimistik www.reverbnation.com/label/eternalentityentertainment *Past Releases* March 5, 2007: Pezimistik - Survival of The Fittest Mixtape (STFM) November 12, 2007: Pezimistik - The Truth Behind Lies Mixtape (TBLM) January 1, 2012: Pezimistik - As The Stars Collide With Earth [Official Techno Album] April 17, 2012: Pezimistik - Resurrection Of The Forgotten Legacy [Official Hip-Hop Album] *Upcoming Releases* TBA Welcome and Thank You for your support! I hope you enjoy everything that has contributed to all aspects of my music. ;) Sincerely, Pezimistik Booking, Collaborations, Or Affiliations Call Pez @ (720) 837-8222 via email @ Pezimistik@yahoo.com
Band/artist history
Beginning his career June 30th of '06, collaborating and once apart of the sickandwrong crew, pez had a good start being introduced to the stage at an early part of his career. However, it wasn't the place he was in at the time, but how much he worked towards being an artist and meeting the demands of dues in order to be an MC. By March of 2007, he brought in his own label, Adverse Records which would soon lead to the release his first solo mixtape: The Survival Of The Fittest Mixtape was dropped on the fifth and was quickly distributed among the underground Denver and Santa Fe areas. What stood Pezimistik as an outkast, he did not stop there. After meeting artists such as DJ Illest, Solis and the previous crew members of the label he was once apart of, Pez continued with his motion by releasing his second mixtape by November the same year. The Truth Behind Lies Mixtape contributed to a part in proving the potential of deep underground artists. Once a member of HGPTHC, 2008 was once promising in much exposure as the crew maintained consistency in the shows they performed live. 2009 seemed a little different. With members dragged away there own personal problems, the crew, or what was able to play a role at the time, continued to distribute music and continue live performances. By 2010, the crew continued to strive; openeing up for Trae The Truth and NB Ridaz in may, a complete new direction was intact. However, with much focus on different aspects changing, as well as a mind frame; by the end of 2010, Pezimistik was once again a 100% solo artist, since the beginning of 08. He founded his new record label, Eternal Entity Entertainment in July of 2011. With artists signed to the label such as Die Inevitable aka Poltergeist 'of The Entity', Pez leads his own label in the abyss of the music industry.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes i play live. various places in Denver and the suburban areas.
Your musical influences
I am a mid-west influenced type of rapping style of speed or sometimes lyrical is the main priority to keep up with. Techno/Dubstep mix down artist italian sensation dash berlin cut and skip melody dubstep style.
What equipment do you use?
Reason 5, Cubase 5, Sony Acid Pro 7.0, Oxygen 49, Focusrite Saffire Pro DSP, Nuemann TLM 102
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Lil Pump x Smokepurpp x Scarlxrd type beat
''Bird Box''