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Every New Dead Ghost
Post punk, Urban Gothic with Death Rock influences.
25 songs
2.2K plays
Miranda (Live)
1992 (Live)
The System
No Change (Live)
Every New Dead Ghost This profile is basically a tribute to my old band, Every New Dead Ghost, and the music on this site is a taster and overview of what we released during our short, but active, life of about 5 years. We kicked it up all over the UK and toured like no tomorrow, both in the UK and Europe, leaving our mark wherever we went. We released a few records and CDs, and made a few promo videos. The CDs and records are now mostly deleted, with the exceptions of the Strobelight Records retrospective Final Ascension CD and Nightbreed Recordings An Endless Nightmare Of Stations CD. The promo videos, with the exception of Cages and Not In A Lifetime, which are included on the Final Ascension CD, are also not available at the moment. I believe that, on occasion, ENDG rarities come to light on eBay, so that might also be worth checking out! OK, thats about all, I hope that all of this perks your interests up enough to track our old stuff down. For more info contact: www.churchofnightbreed.com Every New Dead Ghost Releases: Visions/Friends In High Places: 7 vinyl 1986 (early line-up recording) Ascension: 12 vinyl 1988 River Of Souls: vinyl album 1989, reissued on CD A New World: vinyl album 1990, reissued on CD Insanity Live: vinyl album 1991 An Endless Nightmare Of Stations: CD Album 1992 Whos Sane Anyway? CD EP 1992 The Final Ascension: a retrospective (1988-92) CD 2005
Band/artist history
Oh God it's massive! Too much to put up here. Please buy a copy of "Final Ascension" as you get a mini booklet which includes the band's history.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No we split up on the 8.12.92
Your musical influences
Killing Joke Play Dead New Model Army Bad Brains Hawkwind Bahaus Into A Circle The Cult Southern Death Cult Chrome ETC + loads of post punk, Gothic Rock and Alternative bands of the day
What equipment do you use?
We were the "Rock standard": Drum kit Bass + bass amp Guitar and Guitar amp additional keys
Anything else?
Were were @ one time: "The most famous non-famous band in the world"
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