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Mike BEACH Comer
Mike BEACH Comer
2 Top 100
7 Tracks
Think of Cat Stevens,James Taylor, Elton John, John Lennon, and Bob Dylan all rolled into one.
The Light
Peak position #91
Ordinary Mans Blues
Peak position #81
Bobby Jean
Peak in sub-genre #39
The Jester
Peak in sub-genre #44
This is a Tribute to my brother Mike also known as BEACH COMER. He started playing guitar, singing and writing songs around the age of 9. He spent most of his early years in and out of Hospitals born with a hole in his heart.Don't let that fool you, He managed to fill that hole with many good friends and he had plenty of heart left to go around. Sadly he passed away in 1996 while celebrating his birthday. He was 38. So here is my brother singing the songs that he wrote. I'm sure he is out there some where singing with the angels. P.S. If you happen to hear someone singing harmony when you listen to these songs thats him singing along from Heaven. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU Joe Comer
Band/artist history
Beach played lead guitar and also sang lead and harmony in local bands from his early teens to his late 30's
Your musical influences
"Beach" (Mike) Loved the beatles, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Elton John...The list goes on and on.
What equipment do you use?
On most of the songs here Beach was playing a Gibson J45 that my Mother gave him when he was around 12 years old
Anything else?
These songs were taken from old casett tapes of just Beach and his guitar. He never got the chance to do the production work he wanted to with them But I think they are great just the way they are. Beach may not be whith us anymore but you can certainly get to know the man through his music. So give him a listen and let him say Hello. He loved meeting new people.
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