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Rock and heavy metal blended with industrial sounds with some mellow twists and ambient, dance touches. Plus messed up cover versions and film/TV themes and so
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The Prisoner Theme
My version of Ron Grainer's theme from the cult 60's show.
#5 in Cover Songs
Secret Army Theme
My version of Robert Farnon's theme from the 70's television drama.
When Eight Bells Toll Theme
My version of Angela Morely's theme from the early 70's action movie.
Jamie and the Magic Torch Theme
My version of the theme by Joe Griffiths from the 1970's children's cartoon.
Cracker Theme
My version of David Ferguson's end title theme from season 2 of the criminal psychologist drama.
Just one chap, a PC, sick imagination and guitars. Doing originals and butchering covers with some assistance from talented like minded individuals. A selection of TV/film themes, thrash metal and songs you never hope to hear again!
Band/artist history
I bought a computer about 5 years ago and got into sequencers and decided to lay down some covers and a few ideas of my own. I didn't want to stick to just one genre and I tried to experiment a bit.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'm not allowed out in public.
Your musical influences
If you're into Slayer jello wrestling Tori Amos whilst Depeche Mode and Firebird drink beer and cheer as Massive Attack serve behind the bar then you may like a few seconds of this! Either that or you're a tad strange!
What equipment do you use?
My own and it all works... Cakewalk Sonar, Fruity Loops, Rebirth, Vaz, J-Station, plug in effects and a variety of guitars.
Anything else?
Looking to collaborate with others, so if you fancy doing some tunes over the net drop me a line.. Feel free to post comments in the message board, feedback would be nice. I've already worked with Robert Stewart and Shooter64 on a cover of Metallica's 'One' which can be found on Robert's Soundclick page at the address below. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pageartist.cfm?bandID=388821 I look forward to working with them again in the future.
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As the original lyricist and singer of this song I would just like to say that I really like your version. It has kept the basic outline but then taken it to a different level my male voice could not. You have my approval!! Steve Blood ex ALTURA
As a member of the band that wrote this song (Altura) I have to say that this versin is absolutely superb and You should be heartily congratulated. It is quite some time since I listened to the original and you have certainly given it a spark that is beyond the original recording. Congratualtions and thank you for producing such a brilliant version. All the best. Drew
Obviously that should of read 'CAN'T believe'. You'd think with all the copying of MySpace thats been going on around these parts they'd add a PREVIEW your comment option on Soundclick.
Wow.... I can believe I'm saying this but....NICE JOB on the AC/DC cover. I am a HUGE fan and 9 times out of 10 I am disappointed when someone tries their hand at their stuff....especially the Bon material. Great choice in 'You Aint' Got A Hold On Me' -- and the performance is just as impressive. Nice job ! I see 88 songs listed here on your page....ain't got time to listen to all of that but I'll definitely be checking out more of your tunes - especially any originals.
I'll do the lyrics for you. I love how much more metal it sounds then the real version of it.
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