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Designed to die
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Return of the TV (live)
dreDDup was formed 4th of June 1997 in the small city of Novi Sad Located in Serbia (Europe). In the beginning the whole band were two punk guys who began to experiment with electronic music. They DIY produced their first demo 'BDTP' in late 1997. and their first demo album 'Abnormal Waltz' in late 1998. During the late 1990s dreDDup were part of what was known as the post- industrial / noise influenced band but their sound changed from album to album finally gathering it all under the label of industrial / crossover. Many DIY cassette EP's and soundscapes were recorded in that period but were never released on a CD. dreDDup than started to gather more people and involve other musicians around the project and began performing it live. Their music is characterized by dark, truthful lyrics and an obsessive attention to atmospheric detail. Exploring the dark sides of the human mind and the distorted production of truthful industrial music, they've released their first official album 6 years later. 'Mr Bordnead's Feast' (2004) saw the addition of violins, keyboards, female back vocals and live instruments. It sounded more mainstream and commercial but band did it with a purpose to get the attention from the Serbian media. More innovative than old demos , yet retaining all the key elements of the early era, 'Mr Borndead's Feast' was slightly darker, although a long way off the intense darkness of the first two demos. Vocal was distorted in other ways, much more aggressive and generally songs sounded more energy-filled than old ones. But many fans who listened to it said that album was "more electronic than live" and that it sounded completely different then dreDDup performing it live. This album talked about the past and the bloody feast of the close minded. 2004's showed a band continuing to expand and refine their sound and purpose. A substantial increase in live performances - once an unheard of rarity - has lead to much greater recognition by a new generation of fans. In 2005, Holland music label MoocSound Records , re-released their 'Mr Borndead's Feast' album in digipack format.. Band produced several videoclips and entirely dislocated their sound from the other surrounding bands. The band's next release came in august 16th. 2007, when they released their second album 'Future Porn Machine'. Following the footsteps of 'Mr.Borndeads Feast' this new album sounded more darker and more industrial rock than the previous one leaving the production rough. The main concept of this album was the pornographic future, where art is pornography and pornography is art and the machines are replaced by humans. "Insurrection Records" from Belgrade recognized this band's music and agreed to release this album. dreDDup than finally abandoned that mainstream sound and went back to the basics of their music leaving the old work behind. After this move, they finally got the recognition by the wider audience. They've continued by making the official remixes for NIN and re-relased their old demo LP 'Abnormal Waltz' on CD. Both albums were digitally remastered in early 2008. Although primarily a musical group, dreDDup has sometimes worked in other media. In their early years, they've produced several works of video art., film soundtracks and theatre music. In 2008, the band was included in much of the foreign music compilations. Their third album 'El Conquistadors' was finished in late 2008. This album was meant to be totally different from 'Future Porn Machine' and all old albums. The new dreDDup sound followed more post-industrial sound and less melodies, including some very dark vocals and music that brought some new dark energy in their live performances. It's concept was to bring the old sound back to life. All 15 tracks are for the "chosen ones" only and band decided to release a bonus DVD with it. DVD contains "Industrial Renaissance" 40 min documentary about the band and 50 min live video of the dreDDup show "Live in 219". This album was the last one in time trilogy and is talking about the present tense and human inner boundaries. Album was officially released for Insurrection Records on March the 6th 2009. The fourth album will be totally different, dreDDup is redesigning it's sound once again.
Band/artist history
Started back in 1997. Gone throught the all possible gengres of music just to find that industrial/crossover is something so little explored nowdays. From 97 to 2009, we recorded more 3 albums and were included in many v.a. compilations around the world.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We played more than 200 concerts. All of them were in our country (Serbia). We adore playing live and that is the only thing that keeps us from not going into insanity. Every concert of ours is a special moment for itself.
Your musical influences
Bile, Skrew, Borghesia, The Prodigy, The Stooges, EinstÃrzende Neubauten, The Young Gods, Diamanda Galas, Bob Dylan, Dead Kennedys, Big Black, Jesus Lizard...
What equipment do you use?
Hughes & Kethner amps, Marshall amps, Line 6 Amps, Randall amps. Tubeman pre-amps. Line 6 metal distortions, Tama drum set, Shure microphones, DigiTech pedals, Behringer microphones, Creative MP3 players, Zoom Recorders....
Anything else?
dreDDup is one of those group that never follows standards and explores music history.