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Deep Sleep Society
Deep Sleep Society are Dreamy, Intoxicating, Hallucinogenic, Instrumental, Electronic, Meditative, New Age, Dark-Ambient & Trance.
209 songs
20.6K plays
Garden of Dreaming Flowers
The titletrack of the new EP.
Edgar's Orange Dreams
Tribute to E. F. (1944-2015). Also a tribute to TD.
Midnight in Metropolis
Nature Symbiosis in Decay
Take care of the world around you.
Wide Awake in ''Reality''
Are you sure that reality is the real reality?
'Deep Sleep Society' are instrumental and all about dreams and nightmares and the style and moods are Electronic, Dreamy, Intoxicating, Mellow, Hallucinogenic, Trance, Meditative, New Age, Dark-Ambient, Atmospheric, Reflective, Trippy, Hypnotic, Calm, Peaceful and Ethereal.
Band/artist history
First of all, I am Tomas, the only member in this solo project. (read more at my member profile page). Deep Sleep Society was started in June 2001 in Stockholm (Sweden). DSS is my second solo project aside Oakman's Dreamland, The Space Navigator, Astral Caravan and Oddworld Explorer. (DSS is the second project because Oakman's Dreamland was the first). DSS is an experimental, electronic, ambient music project, not allways made to sound perfect (and dreams are not allways perfect), so don't expect the usual kind of music. Personaly I don't know where exactly to put my music style, but some fans call it voodoo trance, new kraut and garage-techno. (If that will help you?) :-) I invented DSS because of my own big intrest in dreams. I wanted to create some kind of 'soundtrack' for the dreamworld. And I also wanted to play something that was similar to the music & groups that I enjoy to listen to myself, for exampe Edgar Froese, Klause Schulze, Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre to name some of them. You will probably hear if you start to listen that my music have gone through changes, both spiritualy and musicaly, but I guess that it is an inevitable development, exactly as life. I have recorded 19 DSS albums and 7 ep between 2001 and 2017 and my music have been played on radio at Alien Air Music - KXLU 88.9FM in Los Angeles many times (both web and air). My music have also been part of A zombie movie made by A British director and there will probably be more movies in the future. (see DISCOGRAPHY and OTHER PROJECTS below or my reviews page for more information). (Latest updated: Dec 28, 2017)
Your musical influences
Tangerine Dream and many others.
What equipment do you use?
KORG, Mirage Digital Sampling Keyboard, Roland JP-8000 synth and many other things. Acoustic and electric guitars and bass. E-bow, Yamaha FX500 Effect Processor, Peavy Rage 158 amplifier and my computer.
Anything else?
Astral Meditation '01 Ancient Dreams in Space '05 - A Grave For The Corpses '08 - (a zombie movie) - A Crop Circle video '10 - (a video by Christer Lindstrom) Oakman's Dreamland The Space Navigator Astral Caravan Oddworld Explorer Tears From Dystopia Subconscious Domain Mysterious Phenomenon
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