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Barbass is a Gorenoise band from Brazil.
Have 14 releases: 1. Beardless Heart (Demo/1994) 2. Who Fart? (Demo/2000) 3. Reek Of Sickness (Album/2002) 4. Meal (Album/2003) 5. The Beardless Heart Remix EP (Single/2004) 6. Hvis Lyset Tar Oss Det Som Engang Var (Single/2004) 7. Anal Bleeding Situation (Album/2005) 8. Unplugged Anus (Single/2005) 9. Brain Haemorrhage (Album/2006) 10. Searching For Waldo In An Enema (Album/2008) 11. You Are What I Eat (Album/2009) 12. Coprosorium Of Desires (Single/2011) 13. Swampnoise (Album/2012) 14. Fecaluria (Split with Hmrultbaarq/2015)
Band/artist history
Band created in middle of years 90, basically to make noise to scare the family and neighbors, with the time and with the aggressiveness with the same ones increased and had started to be part of the band, as sonorous instruments. In 1994 in its first demo, "Beardless Heart", diverse mixed remaining pieces with a great amount of excrements, had started to be part of more audible musics already to the sharpened ears less. 2000 second demo was the year of its, "Who Fart?", using new pieces and appropriate instruments, with the aid of the new technology, having electronic influences and of eletrodomestics. Continuing with its trek, Barbass in 2002 launched album "Reek Of Sickness" that represented the this nicely environment where we live. In 2003 after storage problems, album "Meal" finally was launched, giving last an end to the remaining portions of a putrefactive journey. In June of 2004, an innovative launching starting, single "The Beardless Heart Remix EP", expressing to the maximum the creativity of the first demo in an innovative remixing. Still in 2004 another one single is launched, this in homage the Norwegian band Burzum. For the next year, 2005, this being prepared plus an album, but for juridics problems and of stench, this being postponed.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
My mother does not let me leave home.
Your musical influences
Goregrind with Noise, with Splatter-Gore theme lyrics. Major band influences are General Surgery, Spermorrhoea, Haemorrhage, Urine Festival, Regurgitate, Anal Birth, The County Medical Examiners, Impetigo, Vomitoma, Burzum, Macabre, Urinary Tract Infection From Severe Pus Clots, Sore Throat, Gore Beyond Necropsy, Spermswamp, Impaled Fetus, Sarcastic, Anal Gore Terror.
What equipment do you use?
Blender, thresher, hammer, saw, musical pocket calculator, Cassio SA-5 keyboard, a cat.
Anything else?
Some others URLs to reach band info: Oficial Webpage
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