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Ann Pascoe
Ann Pascoe
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a traditional yet modern country voice and upbeat songs
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We Got Country Song
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The Pumpkin in Your Drive
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Some have described Ann Pascoe as the one of the best country singers currently within the New Zealand shores. She is certainly an authentic country girl who was born on a back country sheep farm, milked cows after her marriage, and raised five children. It was only in the last few years after listening to lyrics of Merle Haggard, the Statler Brothers, and Hoyt Axton, and always having been a writer and also a poet (of simple verse) that it seemed a natural progression to write lyrics. Ann, who has had a life long love for music only tested the waters in 2001. Since her debut she has produced three albums of which her latest creation "On the Menu" in 2005 has been receiving excellent feed back, the title track (her own composition) going to #5 on the European Country Music Assn (EMCA) Top 100 and staying on the charts for weeks. Currently her name as an independent artist figures on the world wide country music radio playlists, and charts compiled from this have often seen her up in the Top Five on the ECMA charts Top 100 and she gives full credit to Canada's Hillcrest multi-artist releases introducing her to the wide world of country music radio stations. And also Amercian songwriter Roy G. Ownbey who gave her his songs to sing. Over the years she has supported both American and NZ touring artists, including Terry Smith, Charley Groth, NZ's Dennis Marsh, Roger Tibbs, Joy Adams and Dennis August and featured in festivals with her own band OLDOGS, and other shows around New Zealand. Reviewers have said listeners who like Patsy Cline will like Ann's music and describe it as having solid traditional country vocals, and excellent Nashville music behind her. Her new 17 track album "I'm Doing Fine!" is due for release later this year.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We sing at various venues in NZ - invited concerts, and country festivals. We like performing and hearing that our act is "refreshing"!
Your musical influences
My music influences for songwriting are Haggard, Axton and the Statler Brothers. My influences for singing are mostly my own, but I have listened closely to American country singers and change my accent to sound more like they do.
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