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LKO, S dot, Tragedy, JoJo, DJ Purple Haze, K.O.C., Curt,
LKO, Da Hottest, in da Burg...naw F DAt...Da Hottest in VA, Point Blank, Period.
Band/artist history
"LKO" known as LikeKnoOther is a Rap group that has originated out of Lynchburg Virginia, This group consists of three tru rappers, 1 producer, and 3 promoters. Stephen "S dot D" Deloatch a.k.a. Da General-da leader of da group, he is da freestyle king of Da Burg. He is undefeated in battles. If any1 think they got a chance 2 beat him hit us up so we can set it up and get it on DVD Jeff "Trajedy" Perkins a.k.a Da problem- He goes tha hardest in da group. His energy on tha track makes niggas get hype. He is also a top freestyle battler in da burg. So u kno wat 2 do if u think u got a shot at beatin him. Terrence "T" Morgan- he's the hungriest in da group. He's taken over Appomattox and now wants to b top n da burg. Hes been rappin since he came out da womb. Brock "da young boy wonder" Reynolds- Part of the LKO squad, Spits a couple bars from time to time Joseph "JoJo" Cross -a promoter for LKO Roland "purple" Hayes a.ka. Haze(da rapper), purple haze (da producer), and DJ Purple Haze- He makes da hottest beats in da burg. He has da hottest punchlines n da burg. He is da dj for LKO. Watch out for him in da future for mixtapes and parties. Mavin "exclusive" DeLoatch- Is the president and CEO of WoodRecords and founder of LKO, He also is found spitting on tracks. Curtis "Curt" Jones- he is da newest member of da LKO team. Former member of da prospects, he's been waitin 2 show off his skills. Now wit LKO u can see dat he has sum tite rhymes saved up. Kayron "K.O.C." Kox- he is another beast ready 2 explode on da rap scene. he has been down wit da crew since day 1. you can find him on the 2nd mixtape, but he will be on more songs to come because he is hungrier than ever. Nika, Young C, food, TJ and Lady J- are people who are affiliated with LKO and WoodRecords you can find them on different tracks from time to time. "LKO" is in assiociation with New Star promotions, but is an unsigned rap group! LikeKnoOthers' Music can be downloaded at Limewire.com Contact Us for information on Mixtapes, Shows, and New Realeases at likeknoother@hotmail.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Of course, in da Burg...O...you mean like dat time S Dot ripped dem' boyz at Randolph Macon...yea.
Your musical influences
Haters...and most of all...WACK ASS RAPPERS!
What equipment do you use?
Shit dat sounds better than yours...real talk.
Anything else?
LKO, I swear we gon BLOW!
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Made Me
Call Upon His Name - duet for soprano & tenor voic