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Autonomous Anonymous
Autonomous Anonymous
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I make music. Have a listen.
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Hello i make music. Please look at my other pages for more and such, Facebook: My Myspace:
Band/artist history
I always loved electronic music, ever since I played Nintendo (NES) as a kid. I think that's where it began. One day in 1998, I got a computer with Windows 98, and using the sound recorder I made a few basic songs. My first "song" was a mix of the Windows 98 song that plays when the computer is started for the first time. Then I mixed a few more "songs", and I made a few funny bits with sound samples from Encarta Encyclopedia. Sadly I don't have any of those anymore. Then on the eve of the year 1999 a friend of mine showed me FruityLoops and a song he had made ("Freaky Beats") with the FL Studio demo version. Now it's almost 2 decades later, and this is what I have accomplished. My last band profile. Some alright music here, however, I wanted to change my name. My really old skool music from many years ago.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have on rare occasion.
Your musical influences
Bonobo, Nujabes, Dj Shadow, Dj Krush, Tommy Guerrero, Tycho, rjd2, Soul Position, Anomaly, Amon Tobin, propellerheads, pretty lights, Odd nosdam, Force of Nature, Fat Jon, Massive Attack, Zappa, Muddy Waters, Otis Spann, T-bone Walker, little people, Human race, Troy Pierce, Richie Hawtin, Kevin Saunderson, Toby Emerson, Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, The Beatles, Ganimead, Dave Brubeck, DJ Goast, Prodigy, That random guy who plays on the street, all the other music (good and bad), and the sounds the world makes..
What equipment do you use?
mpc, field recorder, dm2, guitar, computer, blues harp, pan flute, and fake piano. Fruityloops
Anything else?
Just because I like how it sounds.
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